questionsdid you know evi nemeth (well-known author)?


Here's the canonical Wikipedia page:

Such a remarkable woman.


@shrdlu: I don't know her or know of her till now, but I'm sorry for your pain and sadness.


I know I have one book by her and I think I have at least used other references she colloborated on. She seemed really smart and nice and was either a good writer or knew how to explain things so that someone else could write them down. You might be surprised at how hard that seems to be.

I didn't know she was that old but I did know she had retired. I'm sorry to hear she has been lost.

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@shrdlu: Did you know her personally?
Did you ever work with her?
Was she a mentor?
Was she someone you looked up to?
Was she just an amazing person that has done great things without acknowledgement and you wanted to us to get to know about her?


@caffeine_dude: I'm not sure why someone downvoted you. Gee, I'm tired of downvoting. It makes me sad on ordinary days, and knowing that a friend is gone, makes this day (sadly) not ordinary at all.

I am a very private person, and am not going to say much, other than that we had been friends, yes. I would say that anyone who knew Evi, without exception, looked up to, and admired her. She retired perhaps a year after I did, and went off with her boat, Wonderland, to have adventures. She had plenty of them too, and I'm glad for that.

We weren't close friends, although it's always a joy to have friends who are smart, and who have a broad range of interests. I've led (as much as possible) a very quiet life since I retired; especially the last two years. Still, it's hard to lose someone. As I often say, one of the hard things about living long is that you lose people you love.

So it goes.


@shrdlu: Never worried about a downvote or 2, with 2nd accounts and tablets\phones that are hard to vote as intended. Thanks for sharing.


It's ended the way I suppose these things must.

Here's a nice link from Tom Limoncelli about Evi.

She lived a good life. She was a remarkable woman, and I pray that death came quickly to them all.