questionsare there any good android tablets for ≤ $250?


I got the gTablet for 249.99 + 5.00 shipping off of sellout.woot a couple of weeks ago, so you could probably get it for less than 250 before too long or if you have free shipping code the next time it is offered here.

I've enjoyed it so far. It come with a not-so-good Android OS, but has some straight-forward guides on how to put different ones on there. I had honeycomb on there for a while and now I'm just playing around with different ROMs. Plus, they're impossible to brick, which was good for me.

I think the Nook Color is also a good tablet that can be bought for less that $250. It has a better screen than the gTab but is slower.


if u wanna suitable tab. it is better when to get some suggestion,,the tablet are all nice and cool


You can get a Wintec Filemate Light tablet at Wally World for under $230. It has a LOT of bells and whistles, including Android 2.2, upgradeable to 2.3 after release. This is a sharp little pad that's good if you're not looking to spend a ton of money. I had one for 3 months and was very happy with it until I decided I wanted a tablet with Gingerbread. You can check out its specs at or on Amazon, where they are charging about $125 more for the same thing. However, there are some used ones on there to be had for decent prices. It has a resistive touchscreen but I found it to be extremely sensitive, rivaling a capacitive touchscreen.