questionshow come wine.woot gets a different i want one…


I can see the difference, but what I noticed also on the Wine.woot page immediately, is today they are getting charged $7 for shipping...


@tiamat114: It's summer. Shipping wine to places where it needs extra protection from the elements always adds the extra two bucks. Fine with me (and with most people who order the wine), since I don't want it ruined from heat. Wine is good food. I like it.


they get a smuggy different font for their button and text headers, and their orange is subdued to not look as comical as the regular woot button. more like an orange blended with 10% Shiraz and steeped in oak barrels for several years
wine is a srs business


@shrdlu: Ah, I never noticed that before as I don't drink any alcohol at all, thanks for my Woot! Fun Fact of the Day.


@tiamat114: We better hide the mouthwash from this one!

Up to 27% by volume counts!
They're coming to take you away.

To the Betty Ford Clinic where life is beautiful all the time and you'll be
happy to see those nice young men in their clean white coats and they're
coming to take you away


What? I didn't know that. Let's have a contest! Design the "I Want One" button!


@tiamat114: Noticed that too. But they ARE shipping 12 bottles. So how is that different from a TV? Hummm Good point.


@cindihoward: i'd change the text to "I dare say, I would appreciate one of these"


Lets just say it, Wine Snobs! :)


I'm betting that if there were a Beer.Woot (which would be popular!) the button would be large, round, and bright red, with a flashing "WANT" in the middle.


@adadavis: i second the motion for a Beer.Woot! I feel like that could be really interesting


@a.priori.eureka: Nice funny farm song reference. I do use alcohol free mouthwash and it still tastes like burning. I just don't like the taste of alcohol period. >,>


It looks exactly like the regular Woot button if you drink enough.