questionswhat celebrity death, if any, caused you to think…


Major League Hall of Famer Gary Carter. I played catcher in high school and he was my baseball player hero (my uncle was my real life hero). And when he recently died it struck me that he is only about 10 years older than me... kind of a punch to the stomach if you will....


Patrick Swayze. It doesn't feel like all that long ago when Dirty Dancing and Ghost were popular, but apparently it is.


No celeb deaths, but when a good friend of mine from college died of cancer a few years back, leaving a couple small kids as well as his wife behind, that was close to home.


All of them in the last 10 years or so. I'm still trying to figure out so many of them got so old when (if I close my eyes) I'm still 26.

Swayze's death was one of those, as was Davy Jones'. Swayze was a few years younger than me, Jones a tad older, but they're both in my general cohort. Life really is too short.


There's no celebrity death that has made me feel really old.
But the death of a coworker who was a few years younger than me really did bring home how fragile we all are. One Monday he came in to work complaining that he'd pulled a muscle doing yard work. We all (4 of us in the cube, oldest was 29 at the time) laughed about getting old. A week or so later, the pain hadn't gone away. He went to the doctor. They found a tumor and a nasty and really rare form of cancer. He fought for just under a year before dying. He the first person in my life who was close to me in age to have to fight cancer.

As for really feeling old, I used to volunteer with high school kids at church. The day one of them said "Titanic was the best movie ever...when I was in third grade" made me feel old, I saw Titanic a few months before graduating from college.


@tsfisch: Yeah my buddy died a few years back of a heart attack at age 32. I was 30 at the time. That freaked me out and made me feel like you just don't know. Of course he drank a (profanity) load of Red Bull which is why I no longer drink it.

My Uncle died 2 years ago at age 52 and he was a big influence on my life. He died of cancer, but left 4 kids and a wife.

I started then to realize that I am at the age where those I love are going to start dying. I just lost my grandpa last year and have 2 grandmas and 1 grandpa left. Then it will be on to the next generation...

I am not super old, but damn I am getting there.


It is too depressing to think about... I am not getting older... I am not getting older...


Davy Jones. I used to watch the Monkees every Saturday morning as a child.


Seeing the people who I watched on television and in the movies as I was growing up, and the adults around me during the same time period, die is what's making me feel old.