questionscan we get a particular person to stop posting…


A. You're late to the show on this one, this debate went on a while back, and woot mods changed a few things to tighten up on NSFW posts.

B. You're referring to a respected member of the community, whom most of us like
C. You're free to tattle on anything you feel is inappropriate, mods will deal as neccessary

edit: Taggin @ohcheri


wow haven't seen this question in a while... tattle on the ones that you think are NSFW at the tiny pic size.

Otherwise you can try this script to remove pictures

I haven't tried it in a while so not sure it still works though


Looks like an attempt to answer the leaderboard's demand "Try posting better questions". Possibly should be tattled as a duplicate?


You are also free to use the filter system that deals has available for your customization. I think that's great that Deals has made the effort rather than to tell folks to simply "pack sand and move on."

Once you set up the advanced filter, you may bookmark it and use it endlessly. Just be sure to include "fresh" in your inclusions. There is also a greasemonkey script available for you to screen out ANY thing YOU feel is not up to YOUR standards. You don't want to see hardware or kitchen stuff? Set it up and BOOM! Not a pot, pan, hard drive appears. It's the best thing going. Every one gets to see only what they want, WHEN they want.


Who are you referring to?
Or ohcheri, who has posted 5 deals in.... 5 days? THE OUTRAGE!


How is @ohcheri posting lingerie deals make this NSFW? If you go to a page with one of her deals on it, the thumbnail is kinda tiny, making it hard (hehe, i'm immature) for anything NSFW to happen, unless you decide to click on the deal. And if you do click the deal link, then you need to take some responsibility, because almost all of @ohcheri's posts are lingerie, so just seeing that she posted it should let you know that there is a strong possibility of seeing something you've deemed NSFW.


@perigoodies: What kind of hard-working employee are you? I suspect most folks don't get paid to surf for deals on company time.


@jsimsace: Actually, some folks DO get paid to surf for deals on company time, and YOU can too!


Quick! Someone find a good deal on a box of tissues and a blind fold!

If you don't like looking at a .5 inch thumbnail of tastefully taken photo of a woman in lingerie, I suggest you just don't look at it. How difficult is it to avoid clicking on the link?


I, for one, support the presence of half naked women on deals.woot. I'm not a bigot, like some Oh so particular people. All people deserve to come here, make a living, and become part of my community. Even half naked women. What you suggest is despicable. Segregating half naked women to the dark alleys and generally unpleasant neighborhoods of the internet. Like some sort of naked woman apartheid. Well I say no way, sir.

I have a dream that one day deals.woot will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that men & half naked women are created equal." Except with varying equality of clothing.

I have a dream that one day on the red hills of deals.woot, half naked and deals.woot members will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood. My table, preferably.


I personally buy the lingerie deals whenever they are a good deal no matter who posts them. If you dont like it do not click on it. Some people like to have some extra excitement for their intimate life! PRUNES!


Oh, and white trashy sounds a little bit racist...


@Ohcheri Haters gonna hate...

Good prices, excellent customer service... I am one of the customers that enjoy her presence on deals.woot. Guess that's makes me trashy! lol


@bellavampyre: Thank you for your support! We think you're special and definitely NOT trashy!


@durkzilla: Obviously, besides them. Where are you @iggz: ?


@ohcheri: Aww, reminds me of the good old days when people were stupid haters. I think for a few split seconds I was too. But now we all love and tolerate you

Here's a clean version of that in case mods think it's no good


I'll stop posting all my lingerie deals, sorry.


What is "white trashy", is trying to control what other people do or see. Indeed, that is the hallmark of ignorance. Your boss must have really good eyesight, unless you just can't stop yourself from clicking?


@pickypickypicky: "What is "white trashy", is trying to control what other people do or see"

Jerry Springer would not agree. ;)


The Lingerie ads in the newspaper show more skin than nearly all of the Lingerie deals posted here... Give it a rest....

Congratulations this question has earned one of my Rare Negative votes...
Looks like I'm not the only one...


And from another perspective, what are your kids doing on this site anyway?


@magic cave: Shopping with your credit card, of course. Why else would they be here? :)


@magic cave: I agree... Woot FAQs say the site is intended for us by those who are 18+ years opld. So WHAT are they doing on the site? (besides looking at half naked women)


This question was such a fail for the poster. FAIL!


@newgen87: Your bait isn't going to work, and no I didn't fail at anything.

Despite what others think, my opinion remains that lingerie photos should not be permitted on a business site where people are likely going to visit from work unless that is their primary focus. Woot does not focus on that type of material so it wouldn't hurt them to ban at least posting such images.

1) I'm allowed to go on Woot at work during lunches and breaks. It's a permitted site because for the most part it's not offensive.
2) I don't have to click on Oh-'s postings to see the lingerie photos, it's right there! And from the far wall of the cube next to me (12 feet away) you can clearly see most of the contents of the photo to know it's not appropriate)
3) I don't care that they post the content, just don't post the pictures. I'm not offended by the pictures, at home I don't care, but from the perspective people come here at work it's not appropriate in most situations.
4) I didn't fail.


In support of the OP, it does seem like her deals get voted up less on the fact that they are actually deals and more because everyone likes her. Maybe that's why the OP has a complaint, because her deals become popular?


@perlgoodies: Thank you for your constructive feedback - I'm glad when someone objects to something and can explain the nature of the objection in a calm and reasonable manner vs 'Wuh wuh wuh I don't like this make it stop' because it makes it easier to pass along to the people who need to see that feedback. And when I say feedback, I mean all kinds of feedback from both sides of any particular issue.


@perlgoodies: You or someone in your office is able to look over a cubicle wall and clearly see -- from 12' away -- what is shown in a 1/2" thumbnail pic? What do you people do for a living? Test binoculars and telescopes?

On a more serious note, though, there are a number of swimsuit ads posted here with more skin showing than ohcheri's pictures display. Do you find those unacceptable also? It sounds to me as if your objection is based not on the bare skin issues but whether the item is labeled as lingerie or swimsuit.

Perhaps it's just me, but I find it amusing and dismaying that your it's-all-about-me hubris leads you to expect a successful website to change its guidelines so you can surf the site at work.


@czarkingkaiser: I can speak only for myself, but I vote for all of ohcheri's deals because I know she offers good value on her merchandise, she stands behind what she sells, and she's an active participant here. I vote for a lot of deals that I myself would never buy; my criteria include "good bargain," not "I perrsonally like and want that particular item." (In fact, the lingerie ohcheri sells is frankly too tame for me.)

On the other hand, it doesn't seem to me that it should matter at all why people vote for her deals. The end result is that her deals pretty much always garner lots of votes.


@magic cave: Agreed, but at the same time, a lot of good deals go unnoticed and her deals always get the votes. That said, I can't say it bothers me that much since it's not as if the other deals magically dissapear if they don't get votes and a simple search will find you what you're looking for.


Why doesn't anyone post deals featuring photos of overweight women in old-lady-parachute-pup-tent high-waisted white cotton bulletproof underpants?

Sorry, just had to ask.


@nastyducky: because the stick in the mud marketing department thinks it would hurt company image.