questionswhy do online forms require you to put in a state?


Old fashioned. A double check, maybe. I've tested sending mail only the zip code and it does get there. Test it out and you'll see.


I agree, the Zip should be all you need.

But I also think it's weird that forms ask what type of credit card you're using because the first digit of the card number automatically tells them what type of card it is.

(If you didn't already know: 3= AmEx, 4=Visa, 5=Mastercard, 6=Discover)


Because a small typo as you fill in the zip code, and your package goes off to some other location. If the city/state doesn't match the zip code, most computerized systems will catch it and ask for a correction.


@adadavis: But instead of having you fill it out, they could have it self-fill when the zip is added. Then if it's wrong you can fix it.


@ohcheri: I'm guessing it is easier for data analysis purposes. Sure they can go off the first number of the credit card, but it is a heck of a lot easier to just have the word Visa, Mastercard, etc when trying to sort and filter data.


@moondrake: Few sites do the zip v. state check.