questionswould you like to see downvoting implemented on…


I think it is an awful idea, specifically for the reason that certain artists are going to get rocked by voters, and it could be even worse corruption.

While this site is based on opinion of what people think our good deals, the shirt derbies are for what the most people want (and thus will sell the best), and giving a downvote will just cause derby shirts to be even more likely to fade to oblivion from the reckoning faster.

From a breaking the system stand point, if it is like this system with one down for every one up, it would be very easy for people to just vote for the last place designs and down vote all the high designs they don't want to win. Plus, a large enough group could use this to find out how many votes the prints in the fog have.

Maybe I will change my opinion as the Deals situation becomes more steady, but I really do feel a up vote/don't vote is a better show of popularity.


@shadowhunter312: I think I agree with you. But, if you consider voting on shirt.woot derbies being whether or not you like a design instead of if you want to buy it, the up/down vote system might make more sense.

Of course, shirt.woot would never do this because liking a shirt doesn't mean you will buy it if it prints. Then again, people can currently vote for designs they like, but will not buy.


@acdawg: I would certainly not be too upset at Shirt.Woot making it a vote for it you buy it sort of system, but I don't think it would end up changing the end results of most derbies. I have voted for shirts I haven't planned on buying just because I felt there was nothing in the derby I would wear, but that the design itself was worthy of recognition, and I like that choice.

Much like I assume there are many people who vote up deals here that don't buy it because it is a good deal or was worth a chuckle, and I think that's a good thing, because I am sure there are plenty of people who only check popular, just like there are probably quite a few shirt.wooters who don't even know what the derby is.


I sorta like the idea of being able to down vote shirt designs I don't like mainly because I do most of my woot purchasing on shirt.woot!

Abuse is a concern though and with the cheating I imagine that is already happening on shirt.woot, I think such a change would make it easier for certain infamous copypasta artists to down vote my favorite artist's designs into oblivion...especially if he's been ripping them off for his own submissions.

Sadly, at least, the way it is now, he'd need to upvote all 10 other entries in the fog to push out my favorite shirt.woot artist out of contention...that should at least slow him down.


@sykotek: Hmm... I wonder which artist you could possibly be talking about.


@acdawg: My favorite artist? It's Walmazan.

...or do ybou mean the other guyb, I rame no rames.


@sykotek I was talking about the other guyb.


No down voting. Art is a personal thing. Like another poster mentioned, some derbies have shirts I like but not enough to buy them. I'm really looking forward to this weeks derby submissions and hope I find a keeper in the lot.