questionsis anyone aware of rakuten/ credit card…


I'll check with my [former] credit-union employer and will probably have an answer fairly soon as to whether they've received a heads-up of any kind.

It's almost certainly not a problem at Rakuten but instead is almost definitely an issue with whatever company contracts with Rakuten and/or some of Rakuten's merchants to handle payment processing services. When PPS companies have a data breach, it frequently involves hundreds of thousands of card holders and can take months just to discover it exists. Investigations take months, also.

You can learn more about how this stuff happens by reading the following links: (This is a big NYT story with fun, juicy details of the whole Heartland episode, the bare bones of which are in the two links following)


Just heard from my credit union: there's no official heads-up at this time.

I'm not impressed by the fraud website some Rakuten customers have set up. They don't seem to understand that Rakuten is essentially Amazon's Marketplace: an umbrella site through which third-party merchants can reach a larger target audience.

It's hard for me to feel sorry for someone who gets a product he doesn't want from a third-party vendor, gets a full refund from Rakuten but is PO'd that Rakuten won't somehow get him the correct item, orders a second one from the other vendor, and then blames Rakuten when they refuse to do a second refund to him.