questionshow many woot purchases in a week is too many?


18 per week is too much. 17 and you're still ok.
I buy about 1 item every 5-6 weeks.


If you aren't putting yourself in debt, then buy until your heart's content.

EDIT: Cool, that kind of rhymed.


Woot is a going concern, so the answer is infinite aslong as you're not damaging your credit or stealing money to feed your habbit.


@mikecris: Or ignoring your family and killing your social life to watch for a BOC during a woot off, then end up missing it because you couldn't find the space to put your credit card security code!


@allhighruler: Ahhhh... the BOC. Tell you what, send $10 to my PayPal account and I will gladly mail you a box of things that are laying around my house. I have way too much C here and not enough time to list it all on eBay.


I've been buying from woot is '05 and man if I really wanted to see where my money went, well you know the answer to it. I used to call people and be like "listen there is this great deal on blah blah blah and I want to buy 3 to save on shipping do you want one..." and thats how it all began.

At some points I would buy it everyday as long as it wasnt too expensive...


I think the general rule of thumb is if woot sends you a box of monkeys you're buying too much.


I think it depends on whether or not there's a woot-off! during the week in question. Woot-off! = no rules.


Not considering a woot-off:

With 6 main sites (shirt, kids, home, wine, www, sellout), you can make 6 x 7 purchases per week. That's 42 so far. Then you have moofi and it's hard to predict how many you can purchase there so I'm sticking with 50. Anything over that might be too much for you.


Was just looking at paypal statment for April~Something like 20 woots, but that doesn't cover when I got 2 or 3 of something. Most of these (except the CARAMELS) are presents.


@cengland0: You forgot the reckoning - 27 more chances to Woot!

I think the absolute worst I've done was 12 in a week. Yes, most were shirts ... why do you even ask?!


@cengland0: Is that 50 per Woot account? Then I guess my limit is 100.


In 84 months of wooting I have 100 woots to my credit, so approximately 1 purchase per month. Last week I joined the Black Square Club; now I'm color-coordinated!