questionswhy do some wooters feel the need to continually…


It really depends on the DVD, and whether its actually a deal or not. if its a DVD I can pull out of the $5 bin at walmart, listed for $2 with $4 shipping, its not a deal.


@waltertangofoxtrot: Really? If your store offered to have an employee hunt through the discount bin for the title you want, then send a courier to deliver it to your door step for the fee of $1, you wouldn't think that's a deal? Sounds like a deal to me.


But I think that's a perfectly legitimate critique of a given deal. I might not agree, but there's some thought behind it that goes beyond saying "DVDs are over!"

To me, that's plain trolling. And it's not that I'm all super-sensitive or anything. I just keep on doing what I do. But I thought it was worth throwing out there as a question, just to see how people would respond.


Wooters tend to be pretty tech savvy. They like their bright, new, shiny toys. I get what you are saying, though: vote or comment on the actual deal and leave the format debate on the Questions side. And for the record, I agree.


@gregorylikescheapstu: scanning the discount bin takes perhaps 5 minutes. Since DVD purchases are all impulse buys for me, and for immediate gratification of getting to watch whatever terrible movie I just bought, online DVD deals have to basically blow my mind for me to really see them as any kind of a realistic deal. I know some people don't mind waiting a week, but that kind of takes the impulse out of it.


Right. But, again, notice I did not ask why you don't vote for the deal. That part is understood. It's the pointless, snarky comments that stink up the environment that I object to.


because they feel a need to show off their bluray player to everyone.
their lives are so devoid of meaning that having the latest and greatest and shoving it in people's faces is the only way they can feel better about themselves.


Yeah, for some reason, people keep voting down my VHS tapes of Gilmore Girls.

I like my bluray, but I don't find it that much better then DVD so I won't spend more for one than the other. Keep the deals flowing.


I have three devices that can play Blu-Ray movies, but I still purchase DVD's and love to see DVD deals. To me, if it's a good deal, it's a good deal. I don't care about the format. I just rip all my movies to my HTPC so I don't scratch the disks up. If it's a Blu-Ray movie, I just rip it to around the size of a DVD because I don't have the storage for 25GB+ movies.

Don't let the downvoters/negative people affect you, just keep posting.


Because Blu-rays have replaced them. Why would you pay $5 for a DVD that's been $5 in the Wal-mart DVD bin for the last 10 years when you can get the Blue-Ray for $5.99. I don't own a Blu-Ray, but people speaking against these deals makes perfect sense to me.

If I'm going to live in the stone age and still use DVDs, I don't need people taking up space on woot telling me I can get them for dirt cheap. This is a given.


Amazon's four best sellers are DVDs, so apparently a whole lot of people disagree with that attitude. I'm one of them, so I guess I'll continue wasting space on deals.woot. :D


I have no problem with DVD deals, but physical media as a whole is pretty well on its way out in my opinion. With the data speeds that are possible now, its only a matter of time before the actual disc itself will almost be an afterthought (see e.g. UltraViolet digital copy)


dvd is still the format that most people have in their home. dvd players in use far outnumber bluray players. give it about 5 more years and that will likely change.


@idiotwind13: But is there any kind of permanent storage for these formats? Physical media aren't permanent, but it seems to me that my commercially produced physical media are longer lasting than any of the digital storage options I have tried. Online storage shows some promise, but I am still a bit wary of storing my personal property in "the clouds". Maybe they should have called it a bunker.


Physical media is dead. Sorry, I bought high quality VHS in the 90's, DVD when they first came out, CD's too. Tired of it all scratching up and dying. I have a BR player I won but I don't plan on owning any DVDs. Sorry, after 25 years old having Evil Dead 2 in my living room seemed tacky.

You know what's not tacky? Empty space. It's nice. No rickety DVD towers, or cases all over the place. No use holding onto a copy of Blue Velvet, because really when will I be hosting people who want to watch it? DVD's and BlueRay are the reason why my generation has no 401(k) or savings.