questionsdid you know wootstalker now has an android app?


thank you @lichme

As this is first launch, you may experience some bugs. If so, please contact lichme at and he will try and resolve ASAP. Suggestions/Feature requests are also welcome.


@lichme: Why does the app need permissions to access all accounts on the phone?


@thumperchick: It needs access to accounts for push notifications via google. Instead of having the app refresh every 3 seconds to check for a new item, there is a single check done. If that single check detects a new item it will send a notice to a google push service, which sends a notice to accounts registered to the app. This helps battery life tremendously.


very simply....THANKS!!!!!!!


@lichme: Glad to see you're concerned about battery life. I grabbed an ESPN Fantasy Football app this past season and about an hour later realized my phone was red hot -- turns out it was just draining the battery every 2 seconds. It only took about an hour and a half to kill it completely.

I'll be sure to grab this app later today when I have a signal again. Thanks for your diligence in making it.