questionsis there enough sizzle in this bacon woot-off?


Based on the announcement of the Woot-off, I also expected more bacon. More bacon! Like more cowbell, but tastier!


Very disappointed in the lack of bacon orientated items.... I feel misled... now I am off to make me a BLT....


the best were overnight. I got 3 bottles of bacon lube.


worst woot! off ever! until the next one.....


I too was expecting more bacon. I was going to buy bacon stuff to use for my brother as a Christmas gift this year, I'm doing a whole bacon theme. I missed a couple of bacon things he would have liked, but actually got lucky and scored the lip balm today. Hopefully there will be some more coming up soon.


Yeah, I have to say I was expecting a lot more bacon related things. Although I'm already kind of over the whole bacon thing (@baybei I've had some lip balm and it was kinda gross), and maybe wouldn't buy that much of it. I'm pacing myself over on the shirt side sale...I feel like I could buy one of everything and not have enough, but at some point there is just too much bacon.


I was hoping for a bacon app somewhere. OS doesn't matter.