questionswhy are my comments being deleted?


You've been posting negative comments about a specific website for 2-3 days?

I dunno man, you're doing good work but maybe other people aren't having the same problems you had?
EDIT: lol looks like you forgot to post a link or somebody edited your post to unlink the thread


@jrpigman: I didn't post the link (because I am lazy,) but if you search Dailysteals, it should pop up. I admit I've got nothing better to do than this, but I'm just trying to save people from the same problems. If you read the thread, you'll see where the frustration comes from, plus how many others had similar problems.
In a nutshell, they advertise really cheap deals, then buy from a 3rd party and ship it direct to you. They never see the goods, so when you get one that's defective, broken, or the wrong one (all of which happened to me) and contact them via a 'contact' link on their website (the only way to get a hold of them) the only reply you get is "We're waiting to hear from our supplier." Then they ignore your emails until you go away, or protest the charge on your credit card.
I posted a negative review on and, behold! I got an email from them in like a half an hour, They promised to make things right, apologized profusely, then never responded again!


@jrpigman: BTW I'm just sharing MY experience for what it's worth. People are free to shop with them, just don't come crying to me when it happens to them! And I've been posting on their deals for 10 days or more, just noticed my comments being deleted in the last 2-3 days...


Upvoted your question for your perseverance. :) Thanks for trying to keep us safe from the questionable sponsored deal(er)s! Expect this post to disappear as well....


Upvoted too. You're not the only one experiencing problems with them. I'm so glad SlickDeals doesn't moderate like this!


@tcayer: They're a drop shipper. Nothing new about that, nor is there anything unethical or illegal about it. I've had no problems with the several deals I've bought from them.

Perhaps you're beginning to sound too much like a disgruntled stalker?


Another member had problems with GearXS and was posting their bad experience on the GearXS deals - his negative comments were also removed. Looks like there might be a pattern here...


@magic cave: Search the 'Ask the Community' topic I made for this- you'll see I'm not alone, and you've just been lucky so far. One day you'll find out the hard way. That's why we have a free market...


@magic cave: "Perhaps you're beginning to sound too much like a disgruntled stalker?"

Yup! At least I'm coming through loud and clear!

If not for my Mastercard refunding me my money, I'd still be out $200, even though I have all of their emails promising to make it right, and telling me they want to help!


You're doing good. Don't let the fact that your comments are being deleted let you down. These guys truly are crooks and need to be shut down.

To a poster above, no there's nothing wrong with drop shipping. But when something goes wrong, which happens more than it should with Dailysteals, something needs to be done about. You can't just walk away with people's money and not do anything about it. There have been instances where customers don't even get anything at their door, and Dailysteals wouldn't even provide a refund. That's just straight up stealing. I've been in a situation where they, or whoever, sent me a defective printer that was shipped with minimum packaging. It was DOA. I emailed them multiple times, and weeks later their response was something along the lines of "Oh, we have no control over what the parcel service does with packages, we can't refund you." First off by the looks of the the printer was already junk. Second, lack of packaging didn't help either.


@whymegawd: Seems to be the norm. I had a keyboard sent to me with NO packing material at all, just an inside-out UPS envelope, not even a padded one...

The heater I ordered was in a cardboard box, NO padding at all, and the wheels were smashed, and it didn't work.

They were all "so sorry, we're waiting to hear from our supplier." That was over two months ago.


It seems Dailysteals has hired a "Customer Retention Manager" who sent me an email. I posted a transcript and my reply on the other thread: (go to the last page.)

They talk a good game, but all it IS is talk. They don't follow through with any action.

You can bet I'll keep posting warnings on every deal they post. To those who think I'm going too far, email me when YOU get ripped off!