questionshave you ever been banned from adding a deal?


I just repeated the experiment.
I just tried doing the same thing I just did with a different silencer and a different URL.

I initiated adding the deal, waited a few minutes, clicked submit and was stopped.

Then after the fact was blocked from even starting to add the deal.

This is situation is new to me, which is why I'm curious. I've had deals deleted before, but I've never been banned from adding one.


I think it has something to do with the rules regarding guns/ammo/gun parts which I myself am not entirely clear on. I think only ammo is allowed, but I'm not even sure on that. This is definitely a question for a staff member.


I've seen lots of firearm accessories here on Deals, but it looks like silencers are generally illegal unless you have some crazy exception. My guess is that the deal got flagged and crashed based on that.


@drchops: This URL has not been blocked. There is likely something in the URL that is conflicting with the deal-adding code and preventing it from being added. If a URL is blocked, it says "Sorry, Deals.Woot does not accept deals from"


@thefenst: Aha, yeah I figured it was probably a 50/50 chance between being blocked or just a bunch of crazily coincidental errors heh... I was mostly just curious since I'd never had anything like this happen before, so I appreciate the info.

The fact that it wasn't blocked actually makes it kind of intersting..

@tiamat114: Yeah, that's kind of why I thought it may have been squashed


@rsmoker: That's completely wrong.

Silencers are 100% legal for pretty much any citizen with a clean record to own, in almost every state.

It's an NFA item, which means it requires a $200 tax stamp, a clean record and ~3 months to process the paperwork.

The paperwork is a pain in the ass though heh, so I guess you're kinda right


@drchops: Yeah, I guess what I meant is that buying a silencer on the Internet is not legal for anyone who hasn't gone through a ridiculous amount of effort to own a silencer. Which is to say, almost everyone in the United States. I get that it's not technically illegal on the face of it. Based on the fact that you can't post firearm deals (despite the fact that buying firearms is certainly legal for a much larger percentage of the population than a the perentage who can legally purchase a silencer, I was just guessing Woot's policy on silencers migh be similar to their policy on firearms. As it turns out, that isn't the case as Woot has clarified. Looks like it will get worked out.

Disclaimer: I have no issue with firearm related posts, please don't think I'm suggesting that a silencer deal shouldn't be posted.


This has happened to me a couple times and I have a fix for it.

It seems if you paste using your mouse right click menu and select paste, the system doesn't realize you typed anything in that field so it gives a server error.

So, go to the end of the field, type a space, then delete the space and then submit. It will work.

Can't say this happens all the time but whenever it does, this always has fixed it.


@thefenst: I so expected a Rick Roll out of that....


@cengland0: Yeah, like I said up there, I actually used the same method every time. At first it worked, then it didn't. It pulled all of the pictures and pricing info too.
So it sounds like your problem was probably a little different.. I appreciate the help though, plus who knows...might have helped somebody else who reads this in the future heh

(I have the "Woot this deal" button in my favorites bar :D - that's how the URL was entered)