questionswhat determines the "top" deals?


The deals on the Top tab are determined by WOOT staff. Only certain vendors are allowed to appear there.
The Popular tab is for approved deals that are are not special enough to be on the Top tab.
Deals that are tagged with #sexy or #lingerie can never appear on the Top or the Popular tab so basically those votes don't count.


@ohcheri: I see Crowbite already got the "arbitrary" part of Deals.Woot!


Very disappointing. So "top" doesn't really mean "top," it means someone at Woot is essentially taking payola from the "approved vendors" to put their products in the list.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised, given the continuing downward slide of Woot.

How sad. Maybe a new site will pop up some day to fill the void left from Amazon's takeover of Woot.