questionsyoga advice?


I was running out of room above, but I can go into more detail if it'll help. You...might need to tell me specifically what to say though

Thank you!


Do, or do not. There is no try.


So you're right saying that describing this is certainly difficult in text, so I'll do my best.

Overall the advice I would give you is to put more of your weight on your legs. In down dog the tendency is to put a lot of weight on your hands, and when you're going through several vinyasas, that can get quite tiring. When in the pose, pull your hips away from your hands, lengthening the upper body. A good way to get used to that, and to get a good back stretch, is to ask someone else to stand behind you and pull your hips back away from your hands, and hold the pose for a few breaths.

As far as the transition from down dog to up dog, your hands and feet should not move in place on the mat. You basically pivot at both the hip and shoulder from one position to the other. (That is rather simplified, but I don't know how to type gestures.)

Beyond possible changes in technique, I would suggest for the time being that you rest for a few breaths in child’s pose between each vinyasa.



Also maybe try a vinyasa that begins and ends with down dog, rather than plank. Plank is rather shoulder intensive, but many other flows move through plank, rather than starting there.

Beyond that: breathe, and focus more on the breathing than the physical exertion. As my instructor tells us: “this too shall pass.”

I don’t know if that helps, but I’ll check back if you have more specifics.


@figaroess: That's really helpful, thank you! I'll try shifting the weight to my legs next time. Now that you mention it, the weight is definitely shifted to the hands/ upper body. Perhaps making an effort to move it to the legs will fix that!