questionsare you an extreme couponer?


That show wears me out! I did see where the guy got 1000 boxes of cereal for $200 and used a trailer to get his haul home. I could never do that either, especially diving through trash/recycle bins. They saved a ton of money and I predict couponing will be very popular in the near future.


There is no way you are going to find an extreme couponer on this site. They spend around 6 hours a day on average cutting, filing, organizing, make matrix, planning, shopping, hauling, putting everything away.
What amazes me is how much time is being spent to get your groceries for free. I keep asking myself, if this person completed a job for the same amount of time spent couponing, would they end up making more money and actually be doing something productive?
Don't get me wrong, I wish I could get all my groceries for free. Just don't know how I could work 40 hours a week and find enough time to clip, file, organize, matrixize.......


My wife does this. She has a full time job and does this after she gets home and eats dinner. You don't have to work 6 hours a day at couponing to be an extreme couponer. My wife spends about an hour or so every night on it, sometimes more if there are lots of sales that week. The only major time spent was when she first started and had to get everything set up and get prices of everything while it wasn't on sale.

And this might be a coincidence but the ads by Google ad for me on this page is an ad for printable grocery coupons. Just thought that was a well placed ad.