questionswho's hitting the bars tonight?


In Wisconsin we call this Black Wednesday, and yes, I will be going out tonight. It's thankfully only a thing at the dive bars, and it should stay that way. The story goes that Black Wednesday was started as it is the first time of the holiday season that all of the out-of-town relatives get together, so what better way to celebrate than going out and drinking!


@eraten: Is it short for "Blackout Wednesday"?

I walked into a bar today.
I said ouch.



We were invited to a "Drunksgiving" outing tonight - but I don't think we're going, unless I get done with baking really early... and baking for me is also a code-word for "drinking and sneaking 'tastes' of everything," so if we do go, I'll be pre-gamed.


I'm staying home and having too many beers while watching bad zombie movies.


I'm drinking at home. It's a better deal.....isn't that why we're here?


@hottubrf: bad... zombie... movie...

Okay, I give up. What does that mean in english?