questionsanyone know a good home inspector in dayton, ohio?


I do not, but I wanted to say good luck, and I hope you find the perfect place, and a good inspector.

vote-for2vote-against I always see the commercials but have never used the reviews.


I'm a home inspector and please be aware that there are some terrible home inspectors!!! Angie's list is really pretty good to find people but it can be a hit or miss. One hint that I can give you though is when talking to a home inspector, find out what their background before getting into home inspection was. Were they a plumber, electrician, home builder... etc or did they not have any prior related jobs before getting their license. A good home inspector will have worked many years as something else before getting into this type of a job. I don't know a single good home inspector who just got into this business without prior knowledge of how a house should be built. Also, just an fyi, a good inspector will take 2-4 hours to inspect an average 1800 sqft house and will give you a detailed list regarding issues. Also, ask a realtor for suggestions in finding someone... If they've been doing it for many years, they should know who does a good job and who doesn't. Good luck!!!