questionswhat do you think of other deal sites?


I visit thatdailydeal, 1saleaday, goingtoday and a couple others. I've had pretty good experience with any deals site I've used.

The only complaint I could muster is that shipping is usually really slow. I'm hesitant to use the word unreasonably, but it's close. Then again, as deals sites they probably have a high volume of merchandise, so that could explain why it takes so long for the item to actually ship.

Despite that, you get exactly what you pay for. The only time I've been dissatisfied was when I got a mystery box from GoingToday and it was a concert light. Just not something I have any use for. But hey, that's a risk you take when you buy a mystery box.

Good general rule: if it's posted here regularly, it's probably at least a halfway decent deals site. If you come across a specific one and are unsure, just ask. We can share our experience. There's also a way to see when/ to who a site was registered, which helps with shady sites. I forget how to look it up though


[con't] a few examples: I've gotten knives, a guitar pedal, a flask, some energy shots, and more from these various sites. Pretty good communication (one hadn't shipped after well over a month, so I emailed them) and always good packaging. It's usually just a padded envelope, but they take care. Boxes have never been damaged/ scuffed and the product itself has always been pristine.

So yeah. My experience with other deals site thus far has been pretty darn positive.


To answer my own question too:

I visit every day, but I never visit - I find fat wallet to be impossible to find any interesting deals, but it looks like it's a bigger and more popular site.


I visit Slickdeals and sometimes FatWallet. I don't like the format FatWallet uses, so rarely visit. I am following them on Twitter though and occasionally see some decent deals.


@baronz: I use fatwallet, but not to find deals. If I find a deal, I click through fatwallet to cowboom and to get cash back.

1saleaday, ben's outlet (same company) are the ones that i have had the most luck with along with cowboom.


I have used a few daily deals sites, and for the most part I have had positive experiences. The only bad experience I had was with Thing Fling, I had to email them 5 times, over 6 weeks, before they shipped my order.
However, I agree with @Dogma, slow shipping is the nature of the beast.
I learned from my mistakes and I tend to place a low-cost order first, and see how they operate. I figure if I am out $5, it will save me in the long term.
Also, there seems to be major competition between these sites and it is difficult to know if you can trust positive/negative reviews. So, I guess you should ignore the Thing Fling comment lol.


The only other deal site I visit (unless redirected by a link on here) is
It's like a nonstop woot off. There are 3 other sites partnered with it that are the same way. They sell leftovers from so it's all outdoor stuff. I post deals on here sometimes but they only last a half hour at most so they don't get too much attention. Check them out. You might like what you see.


I've had great success with especially for magazines subscriptions. I've ordered from many DOD sites, most via posts on here, and I have never had an issue.


Most of the ones mentioned aren't "deal sites," they're flash-sale or daily-deal sites.

Deals.Woot is a place where members share with other members good deals they've found at various venders. That's what has been referred to as "deal site" since long before Deals.Woot existed.

I check most days. I've complained about the horrible anti-discussion layout here at DW since it was in beta. SD's default sorting encourages lots of discussion about popular deals, so you get much more community feedback than you do here. It's also a better place to find tech-y deals, IMHO.

I used to be on FatWallet quite a bit, but rarely go there anymore. I think I still have an outstanding balance in FW Cashback. I need to go check on that....

My wife visits some coupon-centric sites that sometimes highlight excellent deals that either go unreported here or don't get many votes.

I look at it like computer security: you can't rely on a single product (site) to catch everything.


I like techbargains for techmology related items.


I've looked at a few, but always come home to Woot!


@gopvifootball: FYI is now I've never bought anything from them, but I'm definitely checking it out.


Ummm ... what other deal-a-day sites? ^_^

Not that everything is perfect here; I will still continue to rant about this. I dunno ... maybe I'm just being stubborn and ...


I didn't know there were any others.


@belyndag: I just realized that a few minutes ago when I tried out my own link. It must have changed very recently because I was on there not too long ago and it had not changed. I might have been a little confused with the balance of power in the company but I know for a fact that the main company is
I have bought a few products from Stoic (their store exclusive brand) and have not been disappointed. They carry a lifetime warranty. I'm sure it does not measure up to the unlimited guarantee of REI but it certainly can beat their premium price.


@anotherhiggins: slickdeals also seems to have a more, ahhem what's the best way to say it, mature user base. Here, no matter if its a deal or not, put up an add with a hot girl in a teddy/bathing suit and it'll get upvotes. Same goes for any cutsey/novel/hip-right-now item.

I get that the community likes to share things they enjoy, I just wish they were more picky about the "deals" end of it.


13deals, and ben's outlet. Haven't used any other sites


My favs:


I'm surprised no one mentioned that one.