questionswha wha wha wooot calender! who gots it?


Never had a Woot calendar, thought it was time - bought one!


Meh. I figure three calendars for $8.68 isn't bad.

Plus I'd rather be advertizing for woot at work and elsewhere than for Symantec (their 2012 calendar came yesterday) or my bank.


I heard rumors of them arriving in mid-summer BOC's. But I prefer my calendars on hand in January. And I had one $5 coupon, still burning a hole in my pocket. So it seemed a natural fit. Plus, I wanted to see if anyone I know is mentioned.


@pickypickypicky: yup i got 2 and used my free shipping coupon. woot! never had a woot calendar before


I thought about it, and I thought about it, and then I realized that if it was stupid, I could just pitch it into the recycle, but if it was cool, I'd regret it now, and for the rest of my life. I just couldn't live with that kind of sorrow, so I bought three.



A most excellent summary. (And you're right about the Kitchen Aids... almost all of the ones I see on sale are the red ones. I went with black as it goes with my kitchen better than white, but I wouldn't have gotten red unless it was under $100 for a new one.)


@w00tgurl: Me too. Good bye shipping coupons! I really liked those!


3 items....$8....I made my own BOC with the calendars.


I got 3. I'm not sure why. :-p


I missed them! Someone wanna sell me one because I know you all bought 3! I'll entertain reasonably marked up prices.


@punkymcmunky: I thought the same thing when I pulled the trigger on the trio.


Three calendars for $3, all thanks to jumbowoot and those fantastic shipping codes from June. Thanks, Jumbo!


What's a calender? Oh yeah, it's that app on my phone that comes pre installed.


Yep, I went in for 3. No clue what I will do with the other 2, but I have them darn it!




FYI: I've seen several offers in the forums from people who missed out on the calendars and wanting one