questionswhich rice cooker should i buy?


How much rice do you actually plan on making, and for how many people? For my family of 3, making rice maybe a generous twice a week, these would be waaay off on price point. We have a cheap Aroma rice cooker/steamer purchased at Target for a max of $25 that's done the job well for 4 years now. I can hear it 'pop' from cook to warm from the living room, and as laziness is the mother of all invention... rice a roni production also happens in this baby (simply ignore water amounts on the box and measure for how many cups of rice you're putting in). Easy to clean, cheap enough that if someone breaks it I (probably) won't feel like crying.


@elandria: My Significant other was born and raised in India. I have spent some time in Japan and cook a ton of Asian food. I eat rice ALOT lol. I'm not going with a Crockpot that has been relabeled as a rice cooker.

Not that there's anything wrong with it mind you. Just doesn't do what I want.

Besides I have a 50$ giftcard and a 20% off coupon to BedBath&Beyond(BBB). Bringing the total down to like 65 for the first one and 73 for the second one at BBB. Now there is a 5$ off 15$ or more that I'm still looking to get my hands on to make it even less. But don't think it's going to happen. But yeah they are not that much more than the Target. The prices displayed on amazon are not what I'm paying lol.

@xarous: any reasons for that one?

Edit: @elandria: forgot the how many people question. Usually for 1 or 2 people.


@dravack: Oh oh oh!!! Waves hand frantically! Buy the one that starts with a Z (busy, no time to type). I have their bread maker (and I REALLY love it). They are a class act. Personally, I cook rice in a pan, and never bother with anything fancy, but if I were going to do it, that's the one I would get. I eat a lot (please note, that's TWO WORDS, DAMMIT) of rice, and of varied kinds (I recommend Texmati if it's in your area, as an interesting change). I loathe the smell of the boxed rice from the grocery store, and won't even eat it to be polite.

Get the Z* one. Oops, I see they're all that brand. Get the one @xarous recommended.


We have a rice cooker that we never ever use. We just use a pot, seems to work better than any rice cooker we've ever used. I doubt we'll ever purchase one again.


@dravack: I thought that one had the best price per features for my own personal use. I do use one for nigiri/maki/tamaki. So I recommended what I would use in my own kitchen. I looked at each listed and even compared reviews.


@shrdlu: Yes a lot is two words. Was in bit of a hurry cooking at the moment. I've never tried Texmati is there one your suggest White, Brown, or Light Brown or do you eat them all?
Yeah the boxed stuff is a bit off. Mainly the stuff like minute rice I detest. I'll eat about any other kind.

This is the one you were talking about right?

Also is there any reason you both suggest that exact one and not one of the others?

Oh and I apologize in advance for any other grammar mistakes (and other similar mistakes) I make. I'm the first to recognize that it's not my strongest area. I usually type fast and then go back and reread but I miss sometimes. So yeah.. Sorry about that.

Edit: @xarous ah okay then ^^ So 2 for NS-ZCC10.


I have a a Tiger rice cooker and I make rice almost every single day.

It was passed down from my mother who had it for about 5 years before I got it. 10 years later it's still as good as ever.

They can be pretty cheap if you shop around. The ones you linked to are kinda fancy looking to me since I so used to my simple rice cooker that makes perfect rice.


@dravack: I suggested that particular one because you said keep it under $200. I usually get the fanciest of anything, with rare exception, since I so often regret later making compromises.

[Edit] Yes, that's the Texmati rice I spoke of. Ew, did someone say Rice-a-Roni? Yuuuucccckkkkkkkkkkkkkk

[Edit again] Yes, the brown one. I imagine the white one is tasty and fragrant too. I love the smell of basmati rice, and this has that scent. Mmmm, now I want rice with my salmon tonight.


I didn't see this mentioned: I assume you want sticky rice vs. fluffy, so using a pot is just right out.

I have an old Hitachi, med-large capacity. I typically cook the minimum (the 3-cup line, but it is not actually 3 cups of rice.) It is 8-10 years old and is still going strong. It is not a storage rice cooker. I don't like the idea of storing food at higher than room temperature. If you have ever smelled it, rice-gone-bad in a storage cooker is not so pleasant.


Either of these two seem quite good:


I'd ask how much rice do expect to ever cook. I have an older 10-cup Zojirushi, but I think I've never cooked more than 5 cups (and that was one time for a party). If 3 cups will do, I'd get #1 and save the money. The quick cooking setting, timer, and warmer are nice, standard features. In 6 years, I've never used any of the other features on mine.


@mistamoose: Honestly at most I'd cook rice for 4 people and thats at the very very max. Unless there is some kind of party. So yeah the 3 cup would probably be more than enough.

Those were the two I recently just narrowed it down to too. Only huge difference I can see is theres a cake setting for one and a brown rice setting on the other. But I bet if I fiddle with it enough I could get either one to do the other. So yeah. =/ lol

Found theres a handy compare feature on the zojirushi site. ^^

For other parties interested.



I am neebie here.
3-cup for 1-2 person, 10-cup may be too big for regular 3-4 person family.
Rice cooker price is in $15 - $450.

Simple cheap rice cooker does its job. The steam may leak from the cover edge and the cooker dirty. It turns to "warm" mode once cooking is done, but the bottom rice may become brown or dry after a few hours.

Better cooker features easy to use and micro-controlled. Nobody wants to do anything after dinner .. the real hero does clean work after eating. The cooker not only cook, it also control the cooking process gracefully to maintain the nutrition of the rice. Today, we fill our stomatch with rice not just because of hungry. The cooker also makes more kinds of rice "eatable". The Asian-American rice eaters buy rices from Asian supermarkets, instead of from Costco with much cheaper price .. from this point, $450 is worth that much!