questionsi give up: how do i find someone on the woot sideā€¦


My method: Go to woot proper, click the community tab, then search for username. Click on any of the resulting links, search until you find a comment by said user, then click on the envelope by their name. That then takes you to a page where you can get it out of your system.

EDIT: Search is in the "search by google" box or whatever it is. I just sent you a test message. To retrieve a message, click on the envelope by your name that has a number in it, which corresponds to the number of PMs available.


What @jsimsace: said. I have found it useful to look for a shorter thread, among those that pop up in the search, so you don't have to slog through a ton of stuff, to find their comments. If they have not commented there, I don't think you can do it.


@pickypickypicky: True, I forgot to add that they must have commented on at some point or you are SOL for a PM. I don't care for that, but it's not my sandbox. :)


Yep. What everyone else said. Like just now, I went over to Woot, clicked on Community, then in the little google search box in the upper-right corner I typed in: magic cave

That brought up this result:

From there I chose the first link (The one that says 2), did a browser search for magic and found a comment from you to the effect of being glad you were with the crowd and thought the site was too bright.

Then I could click on the little envelope by your name to send you a PM.

That's how I do it!


Well, if they checked in on this thread - then you'll have them!

ETA - that thread was started in response to deals.wooters having this very problem.


@thumperchick: Well that's certainly handy! Seeing that the last person to sign up before me was in February, I'm thinking you should post it on ATC so additional members will check in and make it a more comprehensive list. (If you did and I missed it, I'll respectively change the suggestion to reminding people about it.) Perhaps something like, "Are you a member of the Triangle Club?"


Many thanks to everyone who helped me out!


Thanks Wooters, for helping @magic cave. She found me. Gee, I didn't know I was lost. :)

Dang, I still messed up magic cave's @.



When a username contains spaces, you need to put square brackets around the entire refernce, including the at-sign.

Thus, use [ @magic cave ] (but remove the spaces immediately after the [ and immediately before the ] to make it work.

@thumperchick: But one needs the link to the thread with all the posts in order find them... (I've now saved it).


Test--@magic cave Yay!!! I did it! Thank you, @baqui63.

Some days I am smarter than others. And sometimes I just give up.


@gionot: It's there. I posted it months ago - if you put "pm" into the search function, it's on the 2nd page - under "Do you want other deals wooters to be able to pm you?"


@thumperchick: I did find that post eventually, but my first couple searches came up empty because I didn't think to use the term "pm"! Considering how many people don't even bother to search old posts, it still seems like it would be a good idea to post again to either inform or remind people that the list exists. Like the unofficial Rules and FAQ @lichme created, the Triangle Club has the potential to be a valuable resource for Wooters if enough members add themselves to the list.


@gionot: Adding the link to the U/o FAQ is a great idea. I will add a new "question" with the link - I'll tag it with "pm, triangle-club, FAQ" and see if the mods see fit to leave those tags.