questionshas anyone painted their bathtub and bathroom…


I've seen the kits and would also like to know what experiences anyone's had.

Got a tub that could use some help.


Were you sitting behind me at dinner last night? We were just talking about how we have a kit like this in the basement waiting (for 9 yrs) to be used. And my sister in law said hers was in the bathroom cabinet. Maybe no one actually uses these kits - we all just buy them hope to use them one day. Hopefully not, or your question will never be answered and we won't know the best way to use them!


I've never done it myself, but have seen it done on DIY or decorating shows on HGTV and DIY channel. Of course, the results look great. They also showed painting tile, but to me that looks weird since the grout is also painted. The prep seems to be the most important step, as with all painting. The epoxy paint will peel pretty easily otherwise.
Have you considered getting estimates from professionals? In the Richmond, Va. area, the prices I've seen for a tub range from around $300 to $350.


I was a painter for about 10 years back in the 90's, and I worked at a paint store that sold these types of kits for about 3 years. A couple of the contractors that used our store had worked with these kits and the results were about 50/50. If you followed the prep instructions down to every detail and didn't cut corners, they COULD work, but they were such a pain in the a$$ that the contractors didn't want to do them again.


I had an old cast iron bathtub refinished last fall. I had read reviews and comments about how to do it properly, and I just didn't have the time to do it myself. You're supposed to sand the entire tub, then do a first coat of paint, and alternate with higher and higher sandings in between coats, and finish with a clear coat.

My neighbor had his done and it looked great. It ran him about $200 or so and took the guy about 7-8 hours. It looked great, so I found a guy on Craigslist that would do it for $150 so I gave him a call.

He came, and was in and out in about an hour. It looked... okay.... but he had put too much paint on too fast and it ran, making it look like crap when it dried. I called him multiple times only to get voicemail. When I called him from my wife's phone, he answered but stood me up and I never heard from him.

I hate contractors.

Waste of money. As to the kits if done properly, they look great, but it's HARD work.


My family tried a kit like this years ago on an old bathtub as it was the only full bath in the house and didn't want to be without a shower for the week or so that a full bathroom re-do would take. Was not impressed with the results. While it looked fine once completed the material did not hold. After a month or 2 the material just below the water spicket started to wear and peel. Once there was a worn spot it just spread with the material coming off in sheets. It did not etch into the tub surface it was just a rubbery layer of paint sitting on top that just came off. Maybe there was something else that could have been done in prep work, not sure I was in young and did not help with the project but the results I saw were not impressive. We tried it the once and did not try to use it again.


The answers, so far remind me of the unfinished 6' shelf I received for a present it has like 5000 spindles (exaggerated number). I took my time and it cost more then I expected sand paper and took longer then I expected but I enjoyed working on it.
But it was a hobby item that I would go and tool around on when I had free time. Not sure how shutting the bath tub down for days would work in my house.


I have no idea what they used, but a couple in our neighborhood painted a gorgeous bouquet of flowers in the bidet. Seriously, a real work of art, but I assume not put to too much hard use! I'll ask when I see them.


I've never done it, but we sell the paint kit occasionally. I've never had any feedback on them, but the key is in the preparation. Unless it is professionally done I would expect it to look like a painted bathtub or lavatory. JM2C


@jsimsace: do not worry they just buy them and store them in the house with out using them, just ask @mkdr:


@caffeine_dude: @jsimsace: obviously it is a lot of preparation...maybe after 10 years I will be ready to use it ;)