questionsdo you still have that correll ware for under…

vote-for4vote-against does not sell anything. It is a place for people like you and me to find great deals elsewhere on the internet and share them here with other deal seekers. If you are referring to the Corelle sets sold at the other sites, keep an eye on the woot off. If there are sets available you may snag one, but they'll go fast.

I did a quick search and came up with this recent deal posted a few days ago:

The search function here is great and can assist you in finding what you want. You have posted your question in the community area, so keep checking back for more answers. It might help if you could be more specific as to what sort of Corelle deal it was (buy one get one? 30% off?). I'm sure if one of the other members remembers the deal, they'll be happy to point you in the proper direction.

Good luck and welcome to


@lavikinga: Add a link to the unofficial FAQ and you have the perfect answer for any time one of these questions comes up :)


I found a deal on a book instead. It's called "The English Language: Everything You Need To Know, But Were Afraid To Ask".


@thedogma: Horrors! I don't have it bookmarked!