questions2012 ford fusion or chrysler 200?


If you're not in a hurry and on the fence, take an extended test drive (or try renting one) over this weekend then try the other next weekend. Dealership may let you take a car overnight, if not you can rent one. This way you've had time get to really get the feel of each, which is important if you're keeping the car for a while. I've done this in the past, but I have purchased a couple of cars from the same dealership. Just a thought and good luck!


Reliability FTW.

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Chrysler - life is too short to drive an ugly car.


I just got a 2011 Sonata and it is awesome! The new generation looks really nice


I bought a 2012 Fusion in September of last year and love it. We can fit full size (even over-sized) adult males in the back seat comfortably, she gets great gas mileage, she's pretty, and she's fun to drive. Oh and the gas tank, costs under $50 to fill.