questionshow far are you traveling for thanksgiving?


Staying home. Have some friends coming over that are far way from their family.


I'm traveling from my easy chair to my kitchen and back. That's about as much as I can handle.


60 miles to sister-in-law's. Was going to do the 9-hr trip to the cabin, but decided on home renovation instead.


Whatever a flight from Kansas City to Newark, then a bus ride to Manhattan, followed by a drive to Ohio, then a flight from Cleveland to Kansas City, plus travel between all the major things would come out to be.

I'm assuming 2 billion kilometers.


14.7 mi to my parents house :-) All country road, takes like 12 minutes.


About 5 miles to my aunt's house. Most of the family isn't so fortunate. They'll all be coming from Kansas City, Little Rock, Nacogdoches...hours and hours of driving.


Not far, just over the river and through the woods. The horse knows where to carry the sleigh so I really don't have to do much work.


@eraten: I wish I could vote this up again & again.


130 miles to my parents, then another 60 to my wife's family.


@ptucker2: Google Maps estimates your itinerary at 2601 miles.


About 150 miles to my Mom's. one sister is already there, the other had to cancel because half of her family just came down with the flu.


Maybe a mile and a half to my dads :)

It's like 6 minutes if I don't catch any lights, and no more than 10 even if I catch them all!

The only thing that would slow me down and make it longer than that is if the wild turkeys go bonkers and refuse to get out of my way while I'm driving!


1/4 mile (or less) to my sister's house.


10 kilometers that I will run tomorrow morning. Right now, it's just me and the cat.