questionsdid you know about the new faq/rules guide?


The deal has been previously posted for the same item at the same retailer for the same price DURING THE SAME EVENT.

Why does everyone forget that? :)

All told.


Very good job. Can't think of anything to add at this time.
In the line "The merchant hosting the deal", I think you meant to say "to be a risk" instead of "to a risk".
You've probably already seen this. In the Ebay list, the indenting is off.
Thanks for the work to do this.


I don't know where the ebay10 thing got started and I would like to make that go away. We are more concerned about the retailer that is making the offer on their ebay store. A reputable retailer making an offering on ebay is always acceptable no matter what the quantity is at the time of offering. We reserve the right to determine whether a retailer is reputable.

All told.


Bravo Lichme, This is part of the reason you're #1 for what seems like a month now, great dedication to the community. Good work, I'll have to look it over and see if I can't add anything.


@jumbowoot: The 10 item think came from this Staff post - I have edited the document with your updated info. Part of the reason why it is so hard to know what is allowed and what is not, discrepancies between staff. Thanks for the clarification.


@lichme: Noted. I don't think we considered it an issue at the time of that original post. It just seems like everyone hung their hat on that detail and it is only marginally significant.


[i]The context of the deal may be inapproprite or offensive
-Personal lubricant/adult content, guns, ammunition, tobacco/ecigarettes to name a few[/i]

This is too broad, and needs to be narrowed down. There are plenty of people offended by women's lingere, especially very risque lingere, yet it remains. List the currently listed offensive items.

[i]The site offering the deal has been blocked for whatever reason (Humble Bundle etc)[/i]

Likewise too broad. This translates to "anything we don't like". List the sites blocked.


@wilfbrim: I do not have a complete list of blocked sites and/or items, or I would have listed more. If anybody knows of examples, I will gladly update it.


@lichme: I think there needs to be an "All Told" at the bottom in honor of @jumbowoot

Great job. I'm thinking this might be a good way to get a jumbowoot coupon. !


@lichme Fantastic job! SO helpful to deals users.

@jumbowoot Don't know if you have the capability to sticky (pushpin, stickie) this to the top of Ask the Community, but if you can, would you? That way it would be easily seen & accessed. The document itself would be most helpful, but the question would suffice.

While waiting for a tab for FAQs, this would be a great interim measure. lichme's question will soon sink into oblivion. New users won't know about it, and old (snicker) users will forget it's there.


Thank you so much @lichme: I am bookmarking now.


@jumbowoot: "A reputable retailer making an offering on ebay is always acceptable no matter what the quantity is at the time of offering. We reserve the right to determine whether a retailer is reputable."

Well-needed clarification. Thanks!


@jumbowoot: From that same post cited above regarding eBay deals: "Individuals are not allowed to post, link, or otherwise profit by posting their eBay listings on Deals."

Would that prohibition apply also to individuals who post Amazon links here that are for their own products? No storefront or corporate entity is involved. I'm thinking specifically of self-published printed material or ebooks. To my mind, absent any kind of corporate origin, it's the same situation as that mentioned in the citation above.


Added FAQ for formatting text/links


I think it is about time to put @lichme on wootstaff!


I'm surprised these weren't etched into stone tablets.


@happyknappybeard: someone would just throw them down and break them.

Thanks for putting it together @lichme. Now we just have to make it required reading for all new accounts.


@okham: Yeah, that's why we can't have nice stuff around here!


Looks pretty inclusive to me. Nice job! Now like @gmwhit posted earlier, how do we get these readily available for public use?


Finally thought of something to add. Still don't know how to describe this. That's probably why I never found it searching. I only recently learned how to "notify" someone in a comment without clicking on reply.
I'll use lichme as an example, @lichme:
I stumbled across a post where it was casually mentioned. Anyway, I feel it should be in the FAQ, maybe with the BB code.


Excellent!!! Thanks so much for doing this. It would have been a tremendous help to have something like this when I was first participating in DW. I've been active out here for a while now and still need such a resource from time to time. Consider this a virtual standing ovation!


This certainly looks a bit more organized than the FAQ you posted before this one @lichme, definitely will bookmark it!

@jumbowoot nudge It's a great jumping point for a great rules guide.


I guess when job applications get ignored, this is one way to get attention...I sent an application in twice over the course of the several months when I was in the top 15, but to no avail.

I hope they give that job to you, though. It would be very well-earned :)


Deals.Woot uses Markdown while the retail site forums use BBCode. Please don't tell people Deals uses BBCode as many people know what the difference between Markdown and BBCode is and they will do it wrong.


@tbgolladay: Already in there - The deal is not yet active (for example: today is May 4th, and the deal is not valid until May 6th)

@mattschuette: Already specifically stated that BB code does not work here: How do I use BB code to insert links, or formatted text?

BB code doesn’t work over here on deals.woot, however you can still do the following:



@iggz isn't all negative: consider that his posts frequently give many of us a place to use our downvotes, which otherwise would be wasted.

(The contrarian in me tries to find something positive about everything.)


@lichme: Great job!

I have a few comments, but will hold my tongue (fingers) until I have had a chance to read what everyone above me has posted and I am a bit more awake, probably later today. (I was up until 5AM fixing Android phones so I am very late to this party and have some major stuff going on at work today and tomorrow.)


In case anybody was following up, I had the pleasure of speaking with deals.woot staff on the phone today as they wanted to follow up with me about this post. It appears as if our voices have been heard, and they are currently working on putting together something official for us to use. Without going too far into details, it will take a little bit of time to put it all together and make it pretty, but it is in the works.



@lichme: Gasp!! .....Faint

Thank YOU for letting us know the great news!


"How do I tag somebody in a post?

If you want to tag somebody in a post, simply add an @ sign before their username. For example: Thanks @jumbowoot would tag jumbowoot in a post. If you tag somebody, and they have their notifications enabled, they will be alerted of the comment via an email."

To the above add:

Some usernames contain spaces. To tag these users, you must put square brackets around the @ sign and username, for example: [@ username with spaces].


@lichme: wait, so it wasn't a joke? we will get to buy these etched into stone tablets?


@lichme: This one's been bugging me. A deal isn't valid until day of, but in what time zone? I vote for woot time(CST) but I continually see deals posted in EST. Can we set a standard here? Pardon the pun.


Hey @lichme you don't mind if I copy your rules to the Wiki do you?

(I actually just went ahead and REPLACED the rules with your doc.. just a wee bit more thorough than mine :D)

If you don't want 'em posted there for some reason, feel free to delete 'em.. and if you want to change/revise anything here's the link: