questionsanyone own a vizio vp50 and have some decent…


This is what I've been told is what you need to calibrate your TV properly on your own without paying a service.

Datacolor Colorvision SPYDER3 TV Colorimeter and Calibrator for $83.62:


@catbertthegreat: From some research on the Spyder3, it appears to lack a CRT-based calibration table, which in turn is a limitation for plasmas. Still searching, though I saw something about DisplayLT which might work...


came across this thread which contains quite a bit of useful info:
this one talks about calibration for dummies (me):
a more formal one here too:

a display lt on the low end ( may be the best way to go.
(the 'calman' spyder 3 @ twice the price might be worthwhile down the road).


how apropos that the first item in the wootoff tonight is a monitor calibrator: