questionsam i the only wooter who just doesn't want to…


Not at all. I was a bit offended about them flying flags at half staff in NJ, as well. She was a good singer, but not all that.


I feel like the fact that you're talking about her contradicts the fact that you're sick of hearing about her.


@gideonfrost: LOL! I thought you were more creative than that?


@magic cave: Well in my defense it's late for me.


@okham: bit offended doesn't even come close. Half mast funerals should be reserved for the death of sevicemen and women anyone who does for their country, not drug addicts that die from poor life choices. I was infuriated at the idiots that we're deeming it necessary


@gideonfrost: I was just about to say something like that...
though I wouldn't have used a big word like contradicting


I heard she was going to have a cameo appearance in this season of The Walking Dead.


I don't think you'll here much about here after a few more days.

(crossing my fingers)


I could understand the Michael Jackson stuff because of the way that he died. I do not think Whitney's death was a huge surprise given her actions over the years and especially in the last few days of her life. I personally think it went way over the top - but then again, most everything celebrity related nowadays does - especially if the celeb is a trainwreck. What is so annoying is that the very people who have enabled her are the ones who are being interviewed and are seemingly so distressed. Guilt, maybe?


I actually hadn't heard much about her for a while... until I read your question.


@matt1976: BrraaaAAAAaaaAAAaaaiIIIiinss Oooooooh. Too soon?... I'm not sure.