questionswhat's your cut off price during a woot! off?


I don't do woot offs anymore the impulse buying died with the new shipping charges. Now I only buy things I really need and woots prices have to compete with everyone else.


Those smaller items may be nice to add to your cart along with another item to save on the shipping costs. Not really affordable if you buy it alone.


@cengland0: The problem w/that scenario is that by the time you find a few cheap items to add, your deal could be gone. The only way to ensure your purchase is to complete the sale before stock runs out.


@zippy the pinhead: During a woot-off, you can load up your cart with the items you want to buy from the side deals. Then, when the featured item you really want comes up, you also add that to your cart then quickly checkout.

You will be notified of any items that sold out before you finalize your checkout. There's a section titled "Items you missed" (or something like that).

like you said, this will not work if one of the woot-off items is a cheap $2.00 item and it's the only thing you want. It's very probable that it will sellout before you get a chance to find another item to make it worthwhile.


I tend to check woot pricing against Amazon pricing and lately it seems that there is only a $5 or $6 difference (in woot's favor) but when you add the woot shipping, I might as well buy it from Amazon and get it a lot FASTER. I did buy some shirts during the detour. I just would like to see them offer the AA or Anvil choice for all the shirts on the TOP 20 page.


Woot in general and woot-offs specifically have lost most of their fun and financial appeal in the last year or two. I have some mobility problems, so I do nearly all my shopping online. I don't mind paying a small bit more online to avoid the hassle of shopping in a local store or mall, but I can generally find a better deal on Amazon than I can on Woot these days.


Whatever I am willing to pay for the item less $5 shipping.


It depends. Like others, I'm more and more finding equally good deals on Amazon (where the prime membership nets free 2-day or $3.99 next-day shipping). Occasionally, I'll come across a rare $5-$10 item that can produce an impulse purchase itch that is worthy of scratching. Seems to be getting fewer and farther between, though...


I never used to give the shipping charge per item of $5 a second thought because the bargain price for new items was terrific. Sadly, so many refurbs, dupes, etc, I rarely participate in the woot offs. Then too, I really do not need too much at my age.