questionsis it better to regift or resell unwanted gifts?


I like selling gift cards on ebay


The best thing to do would be to give it to toys for tots! That way you also get to teach your son a lesson about being charitable.

Now here come the downvotes!

Actually my company gave me a popcorn maker (actually I picked it out of a pile of wrapped presents) and I already have one from woot. I returned it to costco for 55 dollars. If it's something that a lot of retail chains carry just take it back to any of them without a receipt and they can give you store credit usually. It's a lot easier than trying to find a shady buyer on craigslist. Not really though, I have had 3 craigslist transactions and everyone has been very nice.


@cowboydann: I agree. If it's an unused toy, your son won't miss it and it can definitely bring cheer to some child who isn't as fortunate as your son is. So by giving it to someone who has to do without, that child benefits by having something to play with and your son learns a valuable lesson about helping those less fortunate.


@cowboydann: Target, where most toy gifts come from, has gotten very customer-unfriendly about returns without receipts.


@trevinopete: Thats a bummer, last year that was my go-to place for returns without receipts.

Sorry for being the bad apple that spoiled it for you.