questionswhich is the better deal: xbox 360 kinect bundle…


Personally, I'd go with the PS3 because it has a larger hard drive and I'm too lazy to jump around using a Kinect.


The MSRP of both is $300, so they're obviously "equal" on those terms. However, I'd say the PS3 deal is marginally better deal simply because I've seen more deals for the X-Box bundle than the PS3 bundle, so it's easier to get below MSRP already.

As for which one you should get, that's a whole different issue. Here are couple questions to ask yourself:

- Do you have a legitimate interest in the Kinect? There's only like 3 worthwhile games that use it, and if you have no interest in those 3 games, it'll just sit and gather dust.
- Are there exclusives for X-Box or PS3 that you particularly want? In my experience in dual platform games the X-Box version usually looks slightly better, but the difference is pretty marginal and meaningless. Exclusives should play a much bigger role in the decision.
- Do you plan on downloading lots of games? If so, the PS3 might make more sense since it has a larger HD.
- Is online play important? X-Box has a better setup, but also requires subscription.


Do you already have a Bluray player? That would be something I'd take into consideration as well.


@novastarj has made some great points as the deals stands I would have to say that the PS3 is a better deal. The only way at these prices I would get an XBOX would be:
1) If there was a Xbox only titles I was interested in
2) I could find a HD and still keep the price lower then the PS3 (u will need more space with out a doubt)
3) Wanted the Kinect

PS: I own an Xbox so I am not a PS3 fanboy just trying to help out a fellow wooter