questionswhat are the vendor/dealer rules?


We've been chasing around trialpay for a while now. If you see them, please tattle on them and we'll clean them up and blacklist the new URL's.

Thank you for your help.


@jumbowoot: Sorry they are such a pain, but here are the accounts I know of:

@yellowdots @pollylops @likefreebeau @congaline @likefreeorg @callmefamilyguy

Even though all TrialPay deals have been deleted a few of the above accounts have posted eBay deals recently. So why is it that deals just won't nuke the account(s)?


@xarous: I can tell you the easy answer to this one, which you may have guessed already. For every account that's nuked, locked, or however you'd like to see it disabled, miscreants such as these will just make new accounts. You've seen already that there are a raft of them. The two @like* accounts were created back when the little creature was (more or less) following the rules; the others not so much.

There are no easy answers.


But we don't tattle if TrialPay posts eBay, correct? Only the free items?


The spammer is just using those ebay listings to increase his reputation before unleashing the next round of spam. We'll have to tattle all the trialpay/likefree posts, then the cycle will start all over again.


Would IP banning be of any use?

Since the previous would bring it up, any reason not to ban proxies for account creation?

Neither are perfect solutions, but alternatives to just nuking accounts.

(I'm also curious to know just how many people legitimately browse through a proxy.)