questionswhere should i shop for cute, affordable throw…


I like Ikea for throw pillows.


@perks: This is prob'ly the least fun part of decorating - the price gouging... I love mixing and matching the colours though. And I strongly agree that the pillows need to be a nicer material than the ripstop poly of backpacks. Who wants to use a backpack as a pillow, other than sleep-deprived college students anyway? :)

You're already probably on one of the best tracks if you've been to Marshall's... That's where I would first think to go for the more decorative stuff. TJ Maxx (same entity as Marshall's, really) or Ross usually also have some fun stuff. For the cheapest comfortable stuff, many times you've just got to wait for a good sale at places like Wal-Mart, Target, Shopko, etc. That's where I recently picked up my current living room accents. Oh, and I got some nice pillows at Costco.

However, this was all over a period of a few months - unless you want to burn up lots of money all at once, wait for coupons and sales, then pick things up a few at a time as you find them.


Tuesday Morning always has a good selection of throw pillows. I got mine there and I'm really happy with them. Higher end selestion but you're not paying that huge markup.


If you have an Old Time Pottery store near you, you could check there. They are hit and miss at my local store but usually overall good. Sometimes Burlington Coat Factory ( I know the name throws it off) has great brand name/designer items for less and if you catch them on a sale, you get them for a steal. I do not know if both of these places are located near you but I have had some luck with them. Good Luck! :)


@arosiriak: I can wait for sales. I'll keep my eye on those places.

@thefenst: I'll be making a trip to my closest IKEA (in the next state over) in about a month. I'll put pillows on the browsing list. I wouldn't have thought of that.

@faughtey: An email from Pier1 actually sparked this question. I LOVE their stuff, but their cheapest price non-vinyl-y pillows were $20, and they went up from there. :( Do the stores have better sales than online? (especially since you can't seem to shop them online anymore...)

@goldiemcg: I've never heard of Tuesday Morning, but their website says there's a location sort of near my office! Their online selection looks a little low on color, but I'll keep an eye out for spring stuff that might be coming out.

@discount: I believe there's a BCF near-ish.

Anyone have experience with pillows from


@perkalicious11: Tuesday Morning is an overstock purchasing store so their locations will have different items. You can't really get an idea of what they have looking at their site unfortunately but since you have one near you I recommend stopping by and checking it out in person. It's like a high end TJmaxx or Marshall's, great finds on kitchen items, bedding, housewares, etc. Check it out, I know you'll find something you like.

EDIT No, I don't work for them even though this sounded like an advertisement! lol


@goldiemcg: haha, I believe you. I know that it's like to just really love a store, service, product...

Maybe I'll check it out this weekend :)


@goldiemcg: It's okay - My mum would probably say similar things about the place, since she absolutely adores it too :)

And, having seen their merchandise on a few occasions myself, I'd definitely recommend Tuesday Morning - they tended to have a few more ornamental and interesting designs from which to choose.


@perkalicious11: If there is a Pier1 store that you go to, it's very easy to make friends with the staff. Ask them to notify you when something goes on sale or clearance. I had my eye on a mirror that didn't go on sale for 3 years. They let me know when it finally did. They try to change merchandise fairly often, so it's rare to have to wait that long for anything.


I got mine at a Sears that was closing - I think I got them for $10 each, fairly soft, have held up pretty well. Sort of a hit or miss, and not much help :(


Anna's Linens is a place I shop for a number of items like that.


If there's a World Market near you, they have nice affordable pillows


I have found reasonable, good colors, and fabrics online at I am constantly replacing pillows as my animals take them down from chairs and sofas (or leave them there) and make themselves comfortable. Target had some nice patterns and colors when I was there today, and I second the mention of BigLots.


"Edit" does not seem to be available. I meant to type for the pillows. Not sure that smartbargains has them. Must go check.


Sam's Club...I know it's a membership place, but they tend to have some nice, cheaper pillows.


@faughtey: I'll swing into my local Pier1 and see what they've got to say. It's north of my office, and I live south, but maybe I can take a peek over a lunch break some day.

@dcalotta: out-of-business sales, check! :)

@madamos: I don't see an Ann's near me. Is that just a fabric store? I never thought about looking for "finished" goods at raw goods places.

@w00tgurl: There is a World Market nearby, and I love them! Good thinkin!

@klozitshoper: I ordered some sheets from Smart Bargains. Great price, but the dye had a strong odor that took several washes to remedy. I'd be worried the pillows would smell too and I wouldn't be able to launder those. Anyone else have linen experiences with Smart Bargains? I'll make note of Brylane home too.

@stupimlico: I do have a Sam's Membership. I never thought they'd have what I was looking for, but I'll take a peek! Thanks!

Whew! So many places to look! You guys are awesome!


Do you have a Hobby Lobby near you? They also have a nice selection of pillows.

I have a set of sheets from Smart Bargains and love them! No troubles at all.


@lynnaux: Whoa! Hobby Lobby just moved into this area. @perkalicious, you must not go in there, if there is one! I spent three hours just looking the first day I went in, and another three hours, two days later. I had to leave the first day, because I was so numb that it all just started to blur.

They probably do have nice pillows. They have fabric (not as nice or large a selection as a regular fabric store, though), and every kind of art supply you could think of. They have dried flowers, silk flowers, paintings of flowers, photographs of flowers, stuffed animals, crazy miles of scrap booking stuff (I found the all important "corners" for photographs I'd been looking for). There's much more in addition to that, but you get the idea. Take a friend, so you don't get lost and forget why you came in there.


@perkalicious11: I have not personally had a problem with any item from this vendor, but I know what you mean by fabric and smells. I had a rug made in China - looked very well, but about a year later, I was blaming my pets for a dreadful smell coming from it. I sent it out to be cleaned, and they could not remove it either. My only problem with Pier One, or is it Pottery Barn, can't remember, is that their throw pillows for the home are simply too gorgeous and fancy and need too much care to be in the same house with my pets!


@lynnaux @shrdlu: I do in fact have a Hobby Lobby. Luckily the one near me now pales in comparison to the one in my last town that is now out of business. I got SO much Pier1 home decor there for 75% or more off... Friends thought my paycheck was much larger. ;) The one by me now is quite small. Last time I was there it was mostly pantry and beauty items, little home decor, unfortunately. Does their stock fluctuate quickly?

@klozitshoper: I agree, I definitely want to avoid getting anything that's too nice to actually use. I don't want to be terribly upset is a drink gets spilled on it either. I don't have any furry friends in the house currently, but I do want another dog, so that's another good thing to keep in mind. Thanks!