questionsis there a better way that i could submit all the…


my favorite genre is actually children's politics, how did you know?

there's no bulk deal posting method except for @wootbot but he's lazy and uncooperative. and if you just post on your blog, you'll miss out on possible perks like future woot coupons for posting, snarky community comments, kudos from thankful folks, etc
if you're hoping for an online media section, you'd have to get in line behind the more vocal folk who want a DVD-only section, a flash drive-only section, vacuum section, and others. i'm not sure what the solution is.
if you want to start a blog, some of the easier and popular ones are tumblr, blogspot, and i think pinterest could count too


I think you're doing it just fine the way you are. I have a new Kindle, and I look for your postings every day!


I like wading through at least the top 50 daily myself, personally. I enjoy it. I haven't found a better way of posting than one at a time, though.