questionswho here has the oldest join date?


Not me. Are you asking about deals dot woot or woot in general? I've only been at DW for about 2 years, but my woot join date is easy to spot.

Get off my lawn!


You have me beat by a little bit, I am May 2006. But I wooted for a long time before I heard of D.W.


I would be willing to bet it's @snapster ...


Dec. 22, 2007

aka buying last minute Christmas gifts for people I wouldn't see until after New Years.


You've got me beat by a couple months. I'm Oct 2005.


February 15, 2005. Some days it feels as if it's been since 1995.


Not me. Dec 11, 2004.
edit Holy cow, I am the oldest one in the room. Hover over the name to see.

Back in my day....One day One deal.


Join Date: Monday, March 21, 2005


Not quite as old as some, but pretty old: October 29, 2005.


@caffeine_dude: Wow, you're like one day older than God's parents!


Just a little younger than caffeine dude - December 20, 2004
Everything was purple.


Nice to see the older crowd - Yeah I started noticing that I had been around since 2005 and thought good golly I've been here for almost 8 years. I remember getting emails on my Woot join dates... I think I have only gotten a couple of "100+ up vote coupons" in that time as well.

I am glad to see the expansion to other areas in my time here like Shirt Woot. While I am sad BOC's are gone for the most part, I do see the Woot off more often.

For those over 5 years - keep wootin!


@pooflady: I remember when our biggest complaint was when they went to yellow, or was it green. Ahh those were the days.

ME ME I am the oldest!!! I out lasted.

If I was good with gimp I would edit the patches to signify the big changes to woot!


So I suppose I'm not the winner.


@pemberducky: Are you assigned to fill the shoes of inkykatz?