questionsis it 'the day after tomorrow' yet?


Hey Mexico, we'll forgive your debt if you open the gates.

New York, you're just screwed. Burn a few tax code tomes until we can get an arctic expedition up to you.


Tornado Alley gets upset by snow? Pff.


It was the Day After Tomorrow yesterday here in El Paso. The part in DAT where people are fleeing across the border from the US to Mexico was filmed just a couple of miles from my house. The director was very pleased with our location because a sandstorm blew in the day they were filming and he didn't have to use any of his special effects budget for end-of-the-world weather in that scene. He said we were so accommodating we provided our own apocalypse. We had a much bigger and badder sandstorm than that one yesterday, with 60mph sandpaper winds erasing visibility, and for a while the sand gave way to 60mph snow.


My son and his family were sending pics Wed from Tucson, AZ where he is stationed; seems they got snow.