questionsare you going to play crapschmidt during this 2…


No. I'm going to be in and out of this woot-off and not paying that much attention to it to play.


I tried, but failed, then gave up.


The URL setup seems kinda sketch


No. The BOC chase has stopped being fun and just become frustrating. So I've given up trying to get one.


There is a woot off going on? With all the stuff on the page I didn't notice.


I love trivia, but this one looks like WAY too much bother. I'm like @cdozo I have given up hope of ever scoring a BOC. I'll check in throughout the day to see if any good deals pop up that I am interested in, but I don't have much hope of that either.


I can't stand these 'clever-but-complicated' BOC offers. I appreciate that they take the time and effort to code and support these games, but the bottom line is I don't have time to do them. While some may believe that this 'spreads the love', all it does is alienate those that work from participating in said game.

I much preferred having the woot site up in the background and taking 2 seconds to check the current woot. And if I was very, very lucky, maybe I score a bag. You know, a classic woot-off.

Woot: not to disparage those that that have the time to work out these math searches, but I (and others like me) have disposable income BECAUSE WE WORK. So, how about peppering in a regular BOC sometime, just to give us workin' stiffs a chance too.


@acraigl: I got one this time and one during the crossword game, but I prefer the old way too. I will also say that I paid more attention to the actual items for sale in the old method. Like you said, using a tracker, I'd see the new item was up, glance and it and then back to work if I didn't want to buy it. With these games, I completely ignore the items for sale since I'm scrambling to figure out some clue. With the games, I've just had to do it in the wee small hours of the morning when there is less competition and I don't have work to do. I would never be able to score one during the day. Sleep deprivation FTW!


@acraigl: I think they'd really do better to send out a BOC to randomly selected woot-off shoppers with their purchase. It would save on shipping, reward actual buyers, and I think that there would be a certain percentage of people who'd buy at least one thing every woot-off just to get a chance at winning a BOC.


Hell no, it's not worth the aggravation.


@acraigl: I second that...I am at work. What does Woot think, that I can sit glued to my monitor all day and do no work to make the money to buy the Crap? I'm lucky to be able to check in at all.


Tried one time but was too late. I guess if I were a gamer I wouldn't have had to waste the time looking up trivia about the video games that were part of the word problem. Ah, well. I might try again later, but I have too much to do to stay glued to this today. Retirement is much too busy. At least when I worked I was in front of a computer almost all day.


Not if they're just going to have wrong answers. There were 236 kills in the 2008 Rambo, not 83.


Nope, not playing. And hardly checking what's up for sale. Not a lot of fun anymore.


I find playing this sort of game much less frustrating than sitting around for half an hour trying to get through server errors and/or anything that requires Facebook/Twitter.


Nope, I don't have time or interest for this.



Modern version of the song: "11 pipers piping, 10 lords-a-leaping"

Original version: "12 lords a'leaping 11 pipers piping"

And they asked specifically about "Lords a'leaping". Not to say some of the other ones weren't off though.


Careful, if you manage to get one, they might call you a cheater and take it away, then claim they never called you a cheater and let you buy it again.


I was up in the wee hours trying. It is a pain. Only got a couple, cause yes, it seems like some of their answers were sketchy, And yes, some didn't get, cause of my not finding the answers.
Got to a couple bags, but they were gone.
So my day's been lousy cause I foolishly stayed up.
No more.

And I agree, I didn't even look at what was offered, too busy trying to figure out the puzzle.

Congrats to those who got one !


Wait, what? Woot-offs and BOCs are still relevant and desireable? I thought Woot-Offs were just a big repeat of the prior month's worth of Woots, which are themselves repeats of the prior month's worth of Woots, and BOCs were aptly named.

Gotten two BOCs the hard way in my time and both were worthless. Couldn't pay me to play their games now.


@tigerxchaos: I must confess that I have been fulfilling my desire for BOCs by purchasing the slightly more expensive but much easier to attain mystery deals on a select few other sites. Of course, we aren't allowed to post these here, but at least one of these sites is still in the business of sending coupons to loyal customers and I can rationalize spending money on these mystery deals by the fact that it's mostly THEIR money. Some are pretty darn good (just got a Fathers Day one for DH that was terrific!), some are meh, but the ones I scored from Woot back in the old days weren't really any better. I suppose if I had ever gotten "the letter" I would have thought otherwise. The best thing about the Woot BOCs was the shared anticipation on the message boards, even for those of us who didn't snag one. Something the other sites are lacking.

Ah, well. I'm pretty darn good at math and at word problems, but these are giving me a headache. Better worry about feeding my family, instead.


@pemberducky: yea what she said!

Also... lets go USA tonight! America!!! (see thumbnail >>)


@belyndag: I think it boils down to whatever inner demon controls the average person's desire to gamble. I'm not a gambling person; I'm not someone to fight through blank screens and server errors and frustration just to have the privilege of paying $8 for a few random items that are most likely to be of no value. On the couple of occasions where I have gambled, I have valued the painless ways that casinos have come up with to separate me from my money. BOCs are simply too much work for me for that reason.

It seems to me that people who are more likely to gamble or to be addicted to gambling are the ones that absolutely "gotta have the BOC". It's been hyped up for years and most of them are junk, so this is the only logical conclusion I can draw.


@tigerxchaos: Can't argue with your logic, especially as I am holding in my hand a VIP pass good for any Harrah's property. LOL!

We traveled a LOT when I was a kid, and often stopped at the roadside shops like Stuckey's (who remembers those?). The one thing my folks would never let me buy were the mystery bags. Some of you might remember that Stuckey's and other "gift" shops would have a barrel of mystery bags for girls and one for boys. I think they cost only a couple of bucks, but I ALWAYS wanted one and was never allowed to waste my money that way. I suspect that is why I crave the BOCs. Well, that and the great stories and videos from the days when some lucky folks got "THE LETTER."


I do enjoy a good treasure hunt. And I have my Power Searching with Google certificate mounted at my desk, showing the world that I know how to find things on the Google. And I was quick and correct and yet missed out on a few Bananas oranges Cherries that I tried for. And then another clue popped up, I was quick, correct and got me some carp purchasing power.
It was far more exhilarating than the olden days when we used to just have to pray that our internet connection to woot was slightly better than the next wooter's. In fact, it was like winning the Woot my own adventure game, or like realising there's a trick to Santa's Sack to foil the evil bots...
And while I have resigned myself to the fact that there are far fewer Bikrams of Calmness for sale, and what they are offering doesn't seem to be nearly as amazingly crazy as in the days of yore, I still get a rush and will wait impatiently for the next several weeks for the randomness to enter my life by SmartPost. :)


I played and was able to score a BOC! I spent a lot of time doing so, but it was really cool to see a bunch of people play and win. Thanks for the game, Woot, and for all of the BOCs you sold to folks like us!