questionswill you be watching the series finale of theā€¦


Won't watch it live, but I'll watch it. It can't be as bad as the finale of Lost.

I'm one of the few that like the American version better. I usually like the British version better among shows that have come over here to the US, but this is my exception. However, it's gone far downhill since the first few seasons. I'm not sure whether I like late season Office or BBC Office better.


@omnichad: I watched Lost up until halfway through the finale and gave up. Everything after season 3 was a chore to watch.

The Office is at least more consistent I think. I know I'd at least make it through the finale!


Last week's episode was the first time it's been genuinely funny in years. I wish they could have written the past few seasons that way instead of saving it all for the end.


I'm sure I'll catch it as a re-run at some point, but I won't be making any big effort to catch the initial airing. Like the others, I find it not as funny as it used to be (and the show really needs Michael).

I also like the American version better than the British version, even though I love Ricky Gervais. If you want a good British comedy, try Coupling. That was way better than the lame American version they came up with.


@omnichad & @pitamuffin I'm right there with you guys! For some reason I genuinely like the American version better. I wont lie, after watching last week's episode I'm back on the "I wish this show wasn't ending" bandwagon. Somehow after 9 years it can still make me laugh out loud and cry like a baby in the same episode. This season has been strange, as I was convinced I was watching the last episode more than once! Can't wait to see how it all wraps up, and this is one show I actually think could pull off a spin off. Dwight K. Schrute, anyone?