questionsis craigslist better or worse with their new mail…


I have that happen on almost every ad that I post. And that has been for ages. This is nothing new. I generally post electronics, which brings out every type of spam/scam. I can usually recognize it before responding. I simply "report". I do not think is a "bot". They copy/paste a message on every new ad in a category. If the sender does not mention what I am selling in the body of the email...I do not respond. "IT", "THE ITEM", "THIS", etc. is not acceptable.

The new system allows the poster of the ad to not send out an email address with every response. Less "mining" for later spam can now occur. I am all for that!


Craigslist isn't a viable option in my corner of the world.....


@morriea: I admit I haven't put that much stuff up there in the past couple years (largely because my results have been so terrible, even when giving stuff away for free) but there is a new "mail" button available when browsing ads that allows people responding to ads to send mail obfuscated with a craigslist id rather than showing their own address right from the start.

It seems to me that this makes it a lot easier for spam-bots to go through ads; as I mentioned I had four ads receive identical responses in less than 60 seconds claiming to be from the same user in spite of being in three different categories. And indeed if I see a response in general that is too vague to mention anything about my item I generally don't bother responding.


@robingraves: Sometimes you are better off that way. To the best of my knowledge one guy who was supposed to come buy something from me for very little money has been lost for around six years after making it to the road I live on and then never contacting me again.

I've also found that posting a car for sale on craigslist is often useless unless you are selling something very bland and common like a toyota camry or honda civic - otherwise you will get people who want to lowball you for no reason (generally before even seeing the car) or people who make bizarre offers of trades (why do I want your snowmobile in July? why do I want your 30 year old Jeep, ever?).


@morriea: Thanks for the advice. I usually ask something specific about the item.

@lparsons42: I wish more people used it in my area. The problem is when someone does, it is overpriced. I see used stuff for sale often higher then I can buy it new online.

I have looked at a car, that was for sale. I did offer a lower price, but I was also looking at almost the same model from a dealer. I basically was open with both people with my offer, 'first one to accept my offer has a sold car'. Dealer caved first, after 3 days (calling every day getting closer and closer to my price) the price slipped down to my offer, the private party was offended by my offer.


@lparsons42: Try freecycle for free stuff. Having a big military base where I live makes Craigslist and Freecycle both thriving sites. I've had a couple of rewarding experiences posting to freecycle. I haven't posted to Craigslist in a while, but I have a problem with people not responding to my inquiries about things they have posted for sale. I assume that they have already sold the item and are just too lazy to write back and tell me or to take down their stupid ad.


I post to craigslist every other week with something I've found to get rid of. I've never had much trouble with spam or fake responses. I love the craiglist account options. I think the key to selling successfully on craigslist is to be realistic with your price. I sell things with the intention of getting rid of them which, in my mind, is what craigslist is for, not making loads of money on my old junk. I price them higher than what I'll really take and when I get an appropriate offer I head out with the item (and my trusty 9mm) and get rid of the item. I never let them meet at my home and my wife never comes with me. I've met some wonderful people as well as some sketchy ones. I just sold a Futon for $50 that we've had for almost 10yrs. It took a while but now it's gone and I have a little money for our next vacation. I love CL.


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