questionsdo you volunteer in your community?


I do a lot through my church including a week long trip each summer to help out with a missions organization somewhere in the world. I'm also investigating volunteering with a program that provides mentors to teen aging out of the foster care system.


I used to volunteer at the Humane Society but I moved further away so now I'm getting more involved in my local community with different organizations. Currently I'm on a committee to get a Veterans Memorial built and doing some volunteer work with the Historical Society. It's nice to meet new people and feel like I'm actually doing something to better the community/city.


Yes, both my wife and I volunteer. We both belong to mentoring programs and are active with American Cancer Society and come Christmas time we are bell ringers for the Salvation Army. I also spearhead two different toy drives, one for Toys for Tots and one for a local organization. Volunteering is a great way to make you appreciate what you have while helping others....


When I lived in Alabama I volunteered with the local SPCA. I'm in the middle of Nowhere, Mississippi right now so there isn't a lot of volunteer work around, but I'm thinking about trying to work with the Habitat for Humanity office that's about 30 miles away.


Not as much as I would like.

Last year I got involved with and helped out at Tent City. That was an amazing experience! I've attended a couple meetings and look forward to getting more involved this year.

Northwest Ohio has a ton of great organizations looking to change the community for the better. It's one of the few things I'm proud of in this area.


@jordan711: when you said tent city and I thought you meant the jail in Phoenix. Wondered if you passed out pink boxers or expired meat.


I'm a PTA member and I'm going to be the coordinator for our elementary school's Coke Rewards program next year, I also help with fundraising events when I am able. Beyond that, anything I'd do would require daycare/hiring a sitter. I do like to donate monetarily when and where I can when I see someone I know is doing a walk or run for March of Dimes or other worthy causes too.


I'm a volunteer speaker with Carolina Donor Services. I tell groups and classes about my personal experience as an organ recipient and encourage people to become organ donors themselves.


Yes. I'm a volunteer firefighter.


I will be in the fall, but only as it is part of a class requirement.

I used to volunteer quite a bit. I think the amount I have volunteered has been directly proportional to my faith in mankind. Ironic, is it not? I should volunteer more. I'd love to volunteer at the Humane Society. I should look in to that...


Do monetary contributions count in this question? We contribute to Relay For Life, and our business is always donating door prizes or items for silent auctions.


I was the holy name President for 2 years vice President for 2 years Treasure for 2 years and on the board for 2 2 year terms, As you can see we can only be at a position for 2 years. They wanted me to remain on as President but I did not want to rewrite the by Laws. Out of the 4 years as VP and President I ran 2 wine events that made enough money to put a 32 inch TV In every School class room at Our Lady of Hope School. We also got them a new flag for the lunch room and a new Huge flag for the flag pole out side, OH BTW I hardy went to Church I did it cause I like doing something good, I had heard the School was still using an old TV that was on a rolling cart that barely worked.


I've volunteered for 16 years as a College Band host for the New Years Bowl Game held in our City. As a percussionist, I really enjoy meeting the different bands (and personalities) each year and assisting on gameday ops with the bands.