questionswhere do you look for accurate facts?


The Federation of American Scientists is really good. I get their "secrecy news" emails, and they are filled with objective, verifiable information on our government, military, etc...

They don't do "spin".

edit: The main site is much more than US government/military. I was referring to the secrecy news emails.


Anything political gets checked on

Anything else just gets treated as an individual case. Some people get a pass and I just trust what they're telling me is true. For some others, I just disbelieve anything they're telling me, no matter the situation. Then there are some that require some investigating. I try not to rely too heavily on Wikipedia because it's written by the users.

For anything movie related, I check out IMDB. For just about everything else, I check around via google searches.

As far as religion goes -- is any of it true (go on haters, do your downvoting deed if you must).


Why, why, why did I not see that I was missing a word in my title?

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"accurate facts"?...if it is inaccurate, it is not a fact. :)


For political stuff:,, realclearpolitics, snopes, wapo fact checker
For academic stuff: Google search for scholarly articles on the subject. (Google scholar, I guess is what it's called?)
For silly stuff/urban legends/old wives' tales: snopes

Edited in wapo fact checker there, forgot it initially.


Your Q was really open, so... The only place I can go to and comfortably believe almost everything I read is Academic Search Complete through EBSCOhost and I only search through peer-reviewed studies and writings. I know that's heavy stuff and you'll only reasonably use it if you are going to a university, but it is the most comprehensive collection of academic journals and periodicals.


Roll my eyes, shrug my shoulders and go uh huh. I have used some of thos sights, but don't bother anymore,"they" would not believe it anyway.


Wikipedia. Everything there is written by professionals with no outside influence and it is all double and triple checked by different professionals. It should also be noted that those professionals have also checked this comment.


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Sorry, that's all I have.


@abramokids: Give me 5 minutes, then look it up on Wikipedia. It will verify what you said.


@capguncowboy: Is any of it true?
That's the question isn't it? Regardless of if it's true or not, it remains that religion is unverifiable. That's why faith is required. You have to believe to believe.


I use Google. So I use many sources.
I search read, redo my search based on what I read.

I am going to try to slow the Wikipedia bashing. If the subject is especially difficult to research, (Wikipedia can get me on the right track, if the sources are sited, you need to verify the sources.
Never yahoo answers, I have seen too many 'accepted answers' that were just plain wrong.


I don't think you can use any one source to verify something complex. Depending on what information I'm looking for I'll use anywhere from 2-5 different sources. And that's for pretty much everything from product reviews to politics.


I usually just check with Deals.Woot. Somebody here will set me straight!


citations of Wikipedia...Wikipedia itself may or may not be reliable, but if there's a citation, there's a place to start looking for the facts.


Depends on the subject matter. I don't 100% fully trust pretty much any information source anymore, corporate underwriting and information control has gotten so pervasive that it's pretty much impossible to find a genuinely neutral information source. Everything is about spin anymore, and practically nothing is without some kind of controversy. Like a lot of other ideals we once held dear, as a society we have pretty much sacrificed Truth in favor of Profit.


Thank you everyone for the answers! I was looking up some 'facts' stated on a political commentary show last night that seemed, off. But couldn't find any 2 places that weren't straight up opinion or even agreed on numbers. That's what started me wondering, where do my fellow wooters go to look up numbers/info they trust?

As far as the religion part - I was referring to the documentation, quotes, holiday dates, historical reference. These things you can find and quantify as 'facts' - faith and who's right/wrong/cares about it is not verifiable until we're dead, or whatever armageddon you believe in happens.

For everyone checking - they are great for most things, they do research the hoax emails and track down quotes. But when it comes to some political points, they've definitely got a left-leaning stance and will spin a bit once in a while. Overall though, they're pretty straight forward.

@thunderthighs: Thank you for fixing that.


Show me a site and I'll track down some dude on the internet who doesn't believe it. It's like there are no longer facts, just opinions. It blows my mind!