questionswhen will hard drive prices come back down?


Law of averages would say it would be the day after you buy one.


It's all supply and demand. Right now, supply is hindered, hence the higher price. When the factories are working again, the prices will come back down.

We probably won't be seeing the prices as low as it was before, however. There was a lot of excess production, hence the low prices. Likewise, industry consolidation means that there's just three players nowadays - Western Digital, Seagate, and Toshiba.


However long it takes Thailand to re-build or for the hard drive manufacturers to set up shop in the next third world country.

But as @narfcake points out, it would take a long time for the prices to get back to as low as we previously enjoyed due to the capital outlay it will take to get manufacturing up and running again.


Many news reports state that the only factories affected were some of Seagates'. The rest are just capitalizing off misfortune. There is no supply and demand problem for Western Digital - only greed. They'll come down when they feel they've made enough money, not when the so-claimed "short supply" rises.


@dmaz: Oh?
Western Digital seems to be having some trouble too.

It's all the manufactures, even if it wasn't, one manufacturer cannot produce enough to meet demand, so the prices for their drives will be high. The demand is still just as high (maybe a little less due to the prices) but supply cannot keep up. All the major players were in Thailand.

A few estimates suggest that the shortages will continue into Q1 of 2012, hopefully subsiding after the new year.


they have been down....we just nedd ssd's to come down now.