questionswhat could a bald man do with hair extensions…


Add them to a hat for a faux mullet or for impersonating an orthodox Jew? Do you have any pets?


1. Weave them into a potholder.
2. Create a tail on the rear half of a horse costume.
3. Send them to someone who really needs them: The Donald.


My dog would look great with hair extensions lol. I will change his name to Rasta.


Would you consider growing a little bit of hair on the sides so you could attach the extensions to create a skullet?


It's related to the beard idea, but only attach them to your mustache.

Then find a deal on pomade in order to get the most amazing handlebar mustache the world has ever seen.


Knit them into a scarf. May not be cost effective.


Weave them into your underarm hairs.


Are we allowed to say pubic here? That could be awesome, but I don't need to see pictures, OK?


All, thank you for the inventive, creative, and occasionally outright disgusting replies! (@jsimsace: you are in the latter!) I got the chuckle that I needed, and hope that everyone else did as well.

There weren't any that seem quite right for execution, though. So you will all be spared pictures.