questionsany new iphone 4s users; does siri actually work…


I would love to hear some first hand accounts as well, it's kinda hard to believe but everyone says it works as well as the commercials make out.


I used it a couple times last night. Texting seems to work okay - told the phone to "text (name)." It proceeded to ask what I wanted to say, and afterwards had to say send when asked if it was correct. Word recognition seemed pretty good but I spoke very deliberately out of habit. Haha. Only downside with using to text is that you have to tell it to "text (name)" again - can't continue the conversation.

I also used it to find the closest target with a simple "find target." It listed the closest ones and had me touch which one I wanted then proceeded to the maps app. iOS5 maps are upgraded to let you choose multiple routes which is nice.


I don't know, maybe its just me. I want to talk on my phone not to my phone. I have voice recognition on my android and i barely use it. iPeople will tell me till their faces turn blue how Siri is superior to android voice recognition, and my response is and so what? Why would i need to tell my phone to text someone when i can...just text them myself? Or when i want to find something i for it on google maps.

"well what if you're driving?", to which i say, why should i be texting someone while I'm driving? I'll just call them? "Oh but what about to find a place?" which i'll tell them, i was smart enough to search for it before i was driving and put on the android navigation system.

Am i missing something? Is there something Siri can do that I can't? Can she offer me advice without charging? Can she hold my hair for me when i've had too much? I'm sure whatever she does she does it well but its just not for me. Maybe i'm drinking the wrong kool-aid or something?


@angelbabi523: The text thing makes's quicker to say something than it is to pound it out with your thumbs.

I think the better question would be...why not just call the person? You're going to be talking anyways.

Why not just call the person directly.. instead of "voice texting" them, you could "voice call" them :)..cut out the middle man.


@drchops: Ah someone who sees my logic.... Thanks for making me feel like im not crazy

and i dont think the voice texting is any faster.

text drchops saying "hi doc whats up im using siri to send this message. any good deals i missed today?" wait 2 seconds here is your message to drchops. (picture of msg appears, where you have to look to read it) are you ready to send it? (reply yes) Ok sending.

I think In the same or less time i could do that manually.


I don't think it's any faster or slower than actually texting; but it is safer if you are sending a text while driving... I've used it a few times so far and it has actually worked. (shocker, as every other voice recognition software I have ever used has sucked)..

I wouldn't call it a major upgrade though, more of a convenience app that is good enough for a little recognition, but that's it..


@mohicus: i question whether buying an iphone would ever be considered an upgrade, regardless of the circumstances


@devexityspace: but why would you be texting while you are driving? what's do you need to say that you can't either call the person, wait for a red light, or wait till you get to your destination?


Don't get me wrong...I get texting. It's nice to not be locked into a conversation - you can send a message without pleasantries and fluff heh (aka conversation)...which comes in handy if you don't actually want to talk to the person you're talking to..

But for actual dialog, if you actually want to have conversation with the person...texting isn't your best option.


The 4s is quite a disappointment after 14 months with no upgraded phone. The hardware specs aren't even as good as the Samsung S2, which released overseas in April so it's already 6 months old.
I'm making the switch to Android when the Samsung Galaxy Nexus comes out later this month. It's slated to be a beast with a 4.6" 720 AMOLED screen, that will destroy the 4s. Shame on you apple, shame on you.


@angelbabi523: because I can text 20+ people at once a lot faster than calling those 20+ people.. (group texts are very common for me in my line of work)


@devexityspace: thank you for actually providing a good use of texting. Do you think siri would it make it any easier to group text? I dont think so.


@angelbabi523: new methods of input, and improvements there of, increase the user base, user ease and frequency in use of the device. It appears you are not one who would be aided by this method. That's ok. Don't use it. The people who find typing on a touchscreen cumbersome, to the point of avoiding it, will.

More input. Iiiiiiinnnnnpuuuuuut.

With every new technology, user accessibility and comfort is a prohibitive factor. Voice input isn't the golden development that answers that problem, but it's a stepping stone. A stepping stone that isn't necessary for everyone, but for many.


I've had this phone for about 3 days and I do like Siri but you have to speak clearly for her to understand what you say. I had dental surgery two months ago so my words do not come out very clearly so a lot of times I have to repeat what I want her to do.


Siri sucks 80% of the time all u get is ( I don't understand ) I speak clearly I even get friends to do it
But still the same thing or (I can't help you right now try again latter) this goes on for days
An then once in a while it works it's been out for a while now an should have plenty of input ( different people talking to it )
I just want to know when will Siri have a clue to understand apple shouldn't rave about something that don't work 100%
that's like buying a new car an the dealer says to you if u drive it for a while your gas milage will increase each time