questionshow do you find the best deals in stores…


Depends on the store. You cannot negotiate with some of the large retailers but the small mom and pop stores you can. I find this through experience. I'm not good at negotiating but my girlfriend is and she has saved me a lot of money by negotiating for me.

i'm sometimes embarrassed by how she pushes for lower prices but in the end it works.

Some discounts we get:
1. Senior Citizen
2. Military
3. Price Match
4. Competitor Coupons
5. Just asking for a lower price. This usually works with kiosks in the mall. If they sell an iPhone 4 case for $15, just tell them you'll pay a maximum of $8 and they will think about it for a second and then say, "Deal."

Don't ask them if they can lower the price. Tell them the price you are willing to pay and see if they accept the offer. Many times they will counter with an offer between their regular price and what you offered to pay.


Also sometimes when you are buying multiple items you can get a discount. When I bought my leather sofa, I got them to cut the price on the matching love seat by more than 50%.


Go in knowing the price you want to pay. So you have your goal price.

Be ready to walk away. If you don't get the price you want, walk. Don't just threaten it.

Don't get emotionally attached to the item. Have confidence that you'll be able to find it again and for the price you want.


TVs actually have an incredibly low profit margin.

That being said, just keep asking. Its good to treat it like a car, really lowball to get them to come to an acceptable middle ground. I'll also ask for freebies. For instance, any time I've bought a guitar at Guitar Center, I get as many freebies as I can. A few years ago I got a stand, a strap and a cable.

These days, you'd be lucky to get one of those (GC has changed their policies since the past few years), but it's always good to ask. My strategy is to ask for more than I know I'm likely to get, because then I'll probably get something.

In chain retail outlets though, it's pretty difficult. Beyond price matching, some stores actually have policies in place that disallow any sort of deals/ incentives.


See if they do price matching. Many major retailers will price match not only local competitors, but may also match some online retailers. (Either Best Buy or HHGregg recently started matching Newegg and TigerDirect.)


As previously mentioned have the maximum that you will pay in mind before you get there. If they won't sell it for that then walk away. In this day and age you can find a better deal on anything if you are patient.


look for end of season sales, discontinued models, after holiday returns, customer exchanges/returns, those things can be haggled to death.

Haggling is a negotiation, use standard negotiation strategies. Realize that a good deal is always a good deal and that a great deal isn't always available.

As stated by others, know your price point, be prepared to walk away. Walking away is your only leverage in the negotiation. THey sell goods - you want to buy goods.

Retail is for suckers. Other than milk and bread at the grocery store I haggle just about everything else. I also use savings programs and rebate programs at the grocery store - so in a way it is haggled too.