questionswhy are rip deals cluttering the "popular" page?


Asked and poorly answered....many times.


@morriea: Yup, It sure has been. Good luck getting an answer on this one. But since it hasn't been fixed yet, you'll get an upvote (in case they forgot this was still a problem.)


I assume the algorithm they use to rank the deals was tweaked in the last few weeks and now doesn't penalize RIP'd deals as heavily.

A little over a week ago I had a RIP'd deal of mine stay on the front page for almost 2 days. Its nice that they don't instantly disappear, but I think they could stand to drop off after a couple hours.


When was the ability to search for a previous question removed?


@magic cave: I spent far longer than I care to admit searching for that capability. I was convinced a button had to exist somewhere and I was just missing it. So, thanks for asking that question and reaffirming for me that it does not, in fact, exist.


@mamajamerson: I was being facetious. There's a perfectly good search button located just to the left of the Ask A Question button. It's simple to use and relatively functional.

In fact, go here and you can see the search function in use, complete with results.


@magic cave: Yeah, I get that now. I actually did see it shortly after having typed that reply. It wasn't there yesterday, though. Pinky swear! lol

Thank you, though, for being helpful rather than just calling me out for being a moron.


@mamajamerson: You've asked really good questions (for which there are sometimes no really good answers, alas), and it's clear you've already hunted around for an answer before asking. Both those things tend to encourage Wootizens to welcome you and help you get "settled in," so to speak.

I've been around since just after deals.woot opened, and I'm still dense as a rock on some features. You'll get a handle on who's good at what information fairly quickly, so ask away!


I haven't been around much the past few weeks, but I was wondering this too.. I came back and now 70% of the front page deals are dead heh.. I like having the option to look at dead/popular deals, but it'd be nice if there was a togglebox for it.