questionsmy girlfriend got her wallet taken out of her…


I say prosecute and teach that person a lesson.


GET ALL NEW CARDS ASAP! Also put a fraud alert on all 3 credit bureaus, and if she doesn't need to apply for any credit in the next 6-12 months, put a freeze on all her credit so no new accounts can be opened in her name.

If someone uses the cards, odds are slim they will be caught or prosecuted.
they could already be shopping online. IF a person knows their credit info has been compromised and doesn't report it to the card issuer, you are liable for the fraudulent charges.


Ok, I'm pretty stupid when it comes to this stuff, but can she do both? Like get new cards and have the credit company monitor for the old ones to show up so they can catch and prosecute the criminal? If so, I say go for that.


It might be easier these days to get a new identity......

On a serious note, I have nothing more valuable to add than the excellent advice above mine.

EDIT: I would consult the CC companies and ask their could be an honest mistake on her part. Heaven knows that some days I am not sure if I even used my wallet, much less put something back where it usually goes.


having new numbers/cards issued is a very minor hassle compared to dealing with charges that aren't yours and cleaning up after fraud.
It should only take a few days to have new cards in hand, in the meantime she should just use cash.

To catch the person, I'd leave some bait at work next time, and get the $32.99 dvr/camera that's a sponsored deal today to catch them in action.
She should leave the purse in the same spot in a week or two, with a few 20's visible. Hide the cam nearby to catch them on video.


i was also thinking of using fluorescent die and putting it on some cash, then catch the thief blue handed.


Absolutely, let the CC co's know immediately. If not, you can be held partially liable.

My SIL had her purse stolen at work a few years back. Within days, they started writing checks on her account and using the cards.


I'm in the get new cards and let the companies know. Also, you can put add extra security measures to keep elope from applying for new cards in your name. Contact the credit reporting agencies and they should be able to help.

That sucks though. I would push for prosecution, too. Or a public whipping. Whichever.


Please have her cancel the cards immediately. There's no way of knowing who might end up with her card information, and successful prosecution is far more unlikely than most folks think.

She's also liable to find she herself is responsible for up to $500 in fraud cases where she knew the card was perhaps used illegally and failed to report it. Does she think the "fun" of catching someone would be worth the lost time and lost money?


@captainsuperdawg: Not really. If the cards haven't yet been used, then cancelling them will keep them from being used. In other words, nothing to monitor.


She should file a report with the police too.


Definitely call your credit card company right now and report it to them. They'll issue you new numbers/cards and deactivate the old ones. The new cards should be in your hands within a business day or two.

Fast reporting goes a LONG way to cutting down liability and further paperwork; I know first hand as I had a credit card used fraudulently even without the physical card lost. The inconvenience of not having the card for a few days is nothing compared to the headache you can get in to by not doing anything.

Putting a fraud alert on your credit report is also very easy; all the big 3 credit bureaus have online forms for it and reporting it with one will automatically forward the report to go on the other two. Also look into any reports / alerts your CC company offers. I found out about the fraud on mine when it emailed me about a charge over the set alert limit. I actually called them right before they were going to call me about the suspicious charge.


Just get new numbers.

The police would only be interested if the charges where quite large, so waiting for someone to use it is pretty much pointless.

Better to get new numbers now, rather than run the risk that her credit card company won't believe her when she reports an unauthorized payment. And seeing as how the numbers are in the hands of someone in your geographic area, you won't have geography on your side when it comes to convincing them the charges are not hers.


at least let me go to home depot first


This is a no brainer. If you think credit cards have been compromised, contact your credit card company and follow the advice that they recommend. Usually issuing a new card and cancelling any recent purchases.


I'm sure it'll be fine, don't worry about it.

Playing in traffic is fun too. And be sure to go swimming right after eating.


@pickypickypicky: we are not 100% sure who did it, she feels violated and wants to lay the smack down on whome ever did it. Like get them fired and arrested.


Look just go up to her office with a gun! I would go barefoot just to make you look a little crazy and start pistol whipping people until you find out who did this to your chick. Then I would call the credit card companies and cancel all cards she had and also report it to the big 3.


@jeffk069: From previous credit card/debit card thefts, you will NEVER know who stole the card. The credit/debit card companies most likely will not tell you. They will just tell you the place they used the cards.


I'm almost shocked that this is a question. Cancel all the cards, put up a fraud alert. Let your bosses at work know what happened. Discuss with them if this should be reported to the police.

This, BTW, is why I keep only the bare minimum number of anything in my wallet. I have my dl, one debit card, one credit card, and an ATM card. That is it, normally. Everything else is locked up in a safe at home unless I know I'm going somewhere that I may need it.


I once lost a credit card. I used it at a store and when I got home, I was going to order a pizza and couldn't find my card. I went back to where I last used it and retraced my steps, didn't find it in like an hour or two of searching. Called the card company, they had that number halted and a new card out to me in 3 days. It literally took me like 10 minutes. I later found my original credit card inbetween the seat and console of my jeep, but it was better safe than sorry.


all great advise everyone, she decided to cancel the card with all the great comments i forwarded to her. she still refuses to join woot. but she has a face book!!!