questionswhere to find low price on desktop computer…


the internet has some good deals, I heard.


@nickshi: I was going to say that as well, but this tablet kept eating the reply. Usually the deals aren't very good. The exception to this is compact HT setups. There are lots of gotchas about incompatibilities between cases, motherboards, and power supplies that you are better off getting those bare bones unless you know (for a fact that).your setup will work.


Not exactly answering the question, but you'll save money if you find the components in those kits and just... buy them separately.
Most kits come with crappy power supplies/cases that are cheaper but not worth it.
Try following, he knows what he's talking about.


@thiney49: For the uninitiated they are Deals... Share the wealth and get credit for it...


@thunderthighs: These aren't really what most would classify as a deal since they aren't special pricing. You can find these type of sets in various forms any time in multiple places across the web.